Office Exchange Spotlight: Perry Landsman, Training Manager

At Main Street Hub, all we do is Win Win Win. No matter what, at every level of the company, we celebrate winning for local businesses, whether that win is big or small, every day. As a company, we know it’s important to recognize the hard work our team puts in for our customers, and the people who are making it all happen.

In August, our Sales Teams in NYC and Austin introduced a new competition into their mix of incentives and awards. The top Sales Rep of the quarter from each office would be given the opportunity to switch cities and exchange offices for a week. Everyone involved showed superior effort and made great strides toward their goals — but only two could come out on top.

In New York, Training Manager Perry Landsman took the title. We spoke to him both before and after his office exchange trip to Austin to hear what he was expecting to learn and how the experience lived up to his expectations.


How does it feel to have won the very first Office Exchange Spiff?

“It feels awesome to win a spiff like this. Being a part of the NYC team for almost two years now, I have always wanted to meet everyone in Austin. We are all one team doing the same thing every day but feel so disconnected at the same time because of the distance between offices.”

How did your team in NYC help you achieve this awesome win?

“The NYC team that I call my family has been a major counterpart to my success here at Main Street Hub. The last five months — first on Darren [Harris, Sales Manager]’s team and now as part of the new hire team as a Training Manager — have been a great ride. Winning this award boils down to two components: having fun while staying accountable.”

What are you most excited to learn about the Austin office?

“This will be my first time ever going to Austin. I love traveling, so this will be a wonderful opportunity to get to know everyone, share some best practices, and explore the city a bit.

“The Austin Sales Team has been a leader in production and efficiency, so I’m eager to see how their culture and mentality has led them to do that. We all share the same goals and mission, so it would be nice to bring back some new habits to New York.

“I have been told that the Austin Sales Team has incredible levels of teamwork. While we work very well together here in New York, it would be nice to learn how different managers and reps help each other throughout the day in ATX.”

If you could bring one thing you’ve learned in the NYC office with you to teach the Austin team, what would it be?

“The one thing I’ve learned in New York that I want to bring to Austin is to trust your leaders at all times and to accept change for the good. I would not even have been in the running for this trip if it weren’t for my fellow managers and mentors in the office. Anytime someone above me gives me advice, I truly believe it is in my best interest and will help me grow personally and professionally.

“My favorite Main Street Hub value is Win Win Win. I like to call myself an overachiever and having a winner’s attitude is one of the keys to success. We work very hard here in New York. Everything we do is always in the best interests of the team and the mission we have in place.”

Outside of work, what are you most excited to see and do while you’re in Austin?

“I can’t wait to try all the BBQ in Austin. Even though New York City has availability to all types of food, barbecue isn’t our best.


Now that it’s over, are you glad you won the spiff?

“I could not have been happier to have won the spiff. Everyone was so welcoming and made it such a nice experience for me. It was also really nice to spend my two-year anniversary in the Austin office during the exchange.

“The new ATX Sales office was so impressive to spend time in. The layout and size of the space was so different from our New York office. Having a full-time barista in the kitchen was definitely a plus. I also had the opportunity to tour the Headquarters office, which blew my mind. Having had only one perspective in New York for the last two years, seeing the other two offices gave me a brand new insight on how special it is to work for this company.”

What do you feel you were able to contribute to the Austin team over the week?

“I had the opportunity to hop on calls, and I even spent a day helping develop the new talent on the floor. Having been promoted to Training Manager two weeks before the exchange trip allowed me to spend a lot of time coaching some of the new hires while in Austin. While both cities’ sales teams have very talented reps, we have different selling styles and best practices to pull from.

“I consider every coworker I met this past week to be a new professional connection. I am proud to say that I will absolutely stay in touch with everyone I had the chance to meet in Austin. I hope our leadership team in New York will continue to make even more of an attempt to interact and work together with the leaders in Austin.”

How was the BBQ? What other “Austin-y” activities did you do?

“The BBQ, and all the food I ate, was delicious. I tried a few things for the very first time, like Chicken Fried Steak and the infamous breakfast tacos. As far as activities, I enjoyed exploring Rainey Street and even went floating down the Guadalupe River with some fellow co-workers.

“The weather was a bit cloudy with rain for the most part. However, hot and humid weather in the summer is something I am already used to here in New York. Rain or shine, I will still have a blast.”

What surprised you the most about your week in Austin?

“I was most surprised to see how diverse and special our team was in Austin. It was nice to find out that so many people had left previous cities to come work at Main Street Hub. In addition, I loved to see how much pride Austin takes in their local businesses. Just the fact that there were no big names or franchises in the airport was an example of that. It was special to see.”

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