My Top 5 Podcasts

A human story, good production value and a great voice. On my way to work, on my way home, while doing my makeup. I’ve listened to these voices for more hours combined than time spent watching TV shows or movies. Maybe even more time than I spend reading books. Here are my top 5 podcasts:

  1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss, well-known angel investor, content creator and lifehacker, clearly created this podcast to interview his idols and get good at podcasting. He has done both, and expanded the interviews beyond Silicon Valley’s finest to mainstream celebs. I have listened to all of his podcasts, and look forward to seeing a new one on my phone. The first 4.5 minutes are ad space, and the interviews regularly go over two hours. He breaks them down in his blog for those looking for something specific, but the storytelling is really what draws you in. He lets greats like Jamie Foxx tell their life stories with very little intervention, always guided by the same structure and questions in between bursts of magic. Other faves include Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, Derek Sivers and Naval Ravikant.

2. The Blues Kitchen Radio

Old rock and roll and blues is my favourite thing. Here is a radio show based out of London, England, hosted by two music geeks who flawlessly combine these genres with contemporary stuff, as well as music musings and trivia, to create the best music podcast I have ever heard. (The Blues Kitchen is actually a restaurant. Not sure how the radio station began, but in any case, well done Gareth Ragg and Liam Hart.)

3. Canadaland

If you’re into Canadian politics and journalism or simply want to become more of an informed citizen, Jesse Brown’s Canadaland is a great place to start. Since the episodes are so topical, I suggest listening to a few of the more recent ones (like Canada’s bleeding tech sector), but some of my all-time favourites include exposés on the Canadian music industry and publications like The Walrus.

4. Girlboss Radio

A much-needed podcast focusing on the stories of female entrepreneurs. Sophia Amoruso needed to start this podcast, because I do not hear these stories elsewhere. Sophia, whose company Nasty Gal is valued in the billions, regularly interviews other California girlbosses who are in their early-to-mid-twenties (and plenty of others as well). Start with Moj Mahdara and Miki Agrawal. The podcasts always begin with banter, #girlbossmoment reveals, and a glimpse into what Sophia is working on (like the soon-to-be hit Netflix show based on her life). She then asks her guest: “What was your first job?,” the question behind my first big story campaign in communications and one we focus on in today’s cultural consciousness. Alex Baldwin is interested in it too. Which brings me to…

5. Here’s The Thing

I knew I would enjoy this podcast because it begins with the smooth jazz stylings of Miles Davis: “Freddie Freeloader” croons as Alec Baldwin introduces his latest guest, always a classic New York arts icon. Listen to how Kristen Wiig stumbled upon acting while in art college, naively decided to pursue acting while being afraid of talking in front of people, and went on to become one of the top three performers on SNL of all time. Or how Sarah Jessica Parker initially tried to turn down her Sex & The City role. Unbelievable.

The uniting factor of these podcasts is that they explore subjects I love (entrepreneurship, business, arts and culture, comedy, music, journalism, creativity, fitness, productivity) in a compelling and honest way.

What are your favourite podcasts? Let me know of any you think I’d enjoy, or what your favourite episodes are, by commenting here or connecting with me on Twitter.