Have you ever been in that place where you feel depressed, dejected, alone, hurt, broken and worst of all useless?

Well, I’ve been there and I’m back(LOL).

Failure can actually be a bitter pill to swallow.

It can be a very painful experience to go through.

No!! you don’t understand Evelyn, you don’t know what it feels like to be stuck, to be mocked, to do one thing over and over again with no result to show for it. You don’t understand what it feels like to put all my efforts into something and still get nothing out of it.

Dear friend, trust me I totally Undertsand.

I’ve had to write an exam 5 times without getting the desired results.

I’ve had the mic taken away from in the course of a Church service, because I missed a key. It was a very embarrassing moment.(A church with congregation of over 300 )

I’ve been mocked a coupled of times because my life seemingly wasn’t making progress.

I’ve cried so hard that there were no tears left to shed.

All the plans of how my life would go, completely altered because life showed up in my face.

Truth is, you can’t stop life from happening to you. You don’t get to choose your battles in life. You don’t get to choose where and when to fail in your journey through life.

But you can choose how to fight those battles when they come. You can choose how to handle failure when it shows up.

Failing isn’t the problem.

The real issue is, what you decide to do in that moment when you have supposedly failed.

Are you going to wallow in self-pity and refuse to try again? Or are you gonna say to yourself “My future is bright and it is right ahead of me, so I need to keep MOVING”.

Failure isn’t always a bad thing, it depends on the lens you are seeing it through.

Failure can be likened to flour. You can decide to bake with it or leave it in its original form.

Out of failure can come forth an unfathomable level of success or a deep sitted anger from pain that will eventually lead to depression.

You are not a failure because you failed at something. The fact that you even tried to do something in the first place, shows you are an achiever, a dynamo.

So pick up yourself, shake off that dust of self-pity, put on the cloak of undauntedness and get MOVING!

All that has happened, is a part of your story and your story is your power, your story is your message, your story is your weapon.

I understand that there may be broken pieces of your life that you think can’t be put together because it will leave you scarred.

Let me tell you this for free.

That scar isn’t to make you ugly. That scar is a testament of your experiences. A testament saying “I don’t look the things I’ve been through”.

There’s so much to your life, Infact your future is so bright that to look into it, you’ve got to wear a sunshade.

You are a KING.

You are a QUEEN.

That’s the standard and nothing short of that.



I’m a content writer and ghost writer

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