Spirit «The Diva»

And They Still Think They Own Me…

My life as an indoor cat

Humans are really something. They really think they own us.

«Us» meaning animals.

How come do they not see the truth?

How come are they so blind as to think we’re their property?

Well, actually they believe the same about their cubs, which says a lot about them. (about the parents, not the children).

But let’s review their crass ignorance.

They have to…

  • Pay for us when they first get us, or at least — if they get us in the street or at an adoption house — they have to pay for the vet’s check up (and all “the other stuff” they did to me when I was at the Vet’s office. But don’t make me start on that!).
  • Pay for all our gear, including those disastrous clippers. And renewing our toys every now and then (I have to admit this family have gotten cool ones for me and my brother Soul. By the way, I’m Spirit).
  • Clean up our bathroom few times per day (if they don’t want me to make a mess there, thank you very much).
  • Feed us. Preferably organic, grain free, varied and delicious food; and spring or alkaline water. Never from the tap! (wet food at least twice a day, clean water available at all times, and please serve my food on a sticky clean bowl every time. Ah! And call me when it’s ready, don’t just “put it there”).
  • Pet us. However we want to. Whenever and wherever we want to. Until we decide to. Period.
  • Open their bedroom door when we ask (order) them to (or bear the noisy consequences).
  • Hide/pick up all the socks we can sneakily steal (my brother is the specialist at that, actually).
  • Take as many pictures as we allow them to. Then edit them, and post them on social media.
  • Act as our permanent body guards, and be extra careful every time they open windows and doors, to prevent us from being consumed by wanderlust and stepping outside, where coyotes and falcons are gazing at us.

Well… don’t know about you, but that list seems to me as a good full time job.

Now, if humans are working for us the animals, pretty much as our employees… help me out here:

How come they think they own us? Uh?

Let’s be honest (more).

I really don’t mind them thinking whatever they want to think. Really. I couldn’t care less about how they choose to spend their time, as long as they fulfill their duties.

Here you have a pic of my brother, Soul. Showing off. As only he can do it.

Soul «The Always Available» one

But having stated the facts, I want to add something.

I like these human guys.

And my life wouldn’t be the same without them.

I’m grateful they accepted to be adopted by me & Soul.

I like to be around them. Not as close as my brother though, who acts weird in their presence, and he’s always looking for (excessive) physical contact. (Whoa! Let’s not invade our personal spaces, will ya?)

But, yeah. I like being close, you know? As… in the same room or so.

Yes. These guys have taught me a thing or two about… love… compassion… tenderness… and excitement.

So I’ll keep letting them think they own me (yeah right)

They’ve earned the illusion. And they’re playing the game well.

Now, it’s time to be awesome, lick my butt and purr…

Truly mine,


Ok. Today’s post, D5 of #My500Words 30 days challenge, was a challenge within the challenge! Jeff Goins’s invitation today was to write the emotions, beliefs or ideas of someone else. So… I chose “my” cat Spirit.

Not only I’m not an animal (although I feel pretty primitive sometimes), but it has been decades since I wrote fiction. My thing has always been spirituality, self-exploration and, basically, deep shit.

It feels good to get out of the comfort zone. So, what do you think about my cat? I’d love if you leave a comment down below, or recommend it by clicking the ❤

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