How the Hunger Games turned me into a reader

I was never an avid reader, not in English anyway. I used to read tons of novels when I was a kid – but only those in Chinese.

So, who or what made me started into reading?

I was seventeen that year and at the very same year of fighting for a college ticket. Since only about 14% students can get into the universities in Hong Kong each year through public examination, we all worked around the clock and sought help from private tutors.

One day when I was doing a reading past paper, the words ‘Hunger Games’ popped into my eyes. At that time, I had only heard of it but didn’t know what was it exactly about (I know, how could I possibly don’t know?!). After doing the paper, my private tutor checked the answers and asked if I had read it.

Me: I’ve heard of it but didn’t read it.

She: Well, you should. It’s a great serie.

So I looked it up when I went back home. The genre and plot were really my type and sounded intricating. I started out reading the first book a few days after that.

And I shouldn’t have.

But it was worth it. And I didn’t regret one little bit.

I went crazy to reading it I even didn’t studied much for three days – just because I wanted to finish that trilogy. Yep, I spent three (almost) whole days reading the Hunger Games. Reading it while I was taking break, while eating and before sleep. It was like unstoppable. Once you have droned in the fantasy world, it seems impossible to get out.

Anyway, I was lucky that the marathon reading didn’t make my examination result bad(or I just didn’t notice lol). In fact, it helped me to be a better reader and therefore comple

I was amazed and inspired by the cotents of the books (it was just so awesome!) that I started to look out for more of these types. Then it came Divergent trilogy, Matched trilogy etc. They’re so compelling somtimes you wouldn’t want to put down the book.

So this is how I ended up being a regular reader.

If you’ve always wanted to read more, just find whatever you’re interested in and give it a shot. You would never regret it. Most often people regret only because they have never tried it.

Whatever it is, look for a book and start reading. You’ll always learn something from it.

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