I didn’t realized the impact of 2008 Financial crisis. Not until I watched the movie

I’m not a finance expert. I don’t know the mechanism behind real estate or stock. I didn’t even study it in college. Sure I know the basic, and some extra stuff that I learned from high school and my boss. Other than that, I literally don’t know anything about finance. But that’s OK. I assume tons of people are the same.

Experts or not, millions of people lost jobs, money and home when the global economic crisis hit us.

I was only in middle school when this happened. So what it really meant to me is more like nothing. I only read those sad stories on news or watch them on TV. Yes they used to appear everyday in that period. And I knew it was a tsunami that affected countless people on the planet. I did feel sympathy to those people. But it didn’t make me sad or something. Because none of the people I know suffered. And months later, those tragedies faded away from publications. Every crisis has limited time, right? So I almost forgot it happened.

Then I watched the movie — The Big Short

It explained the jargons in finance in an engaging and fun way. Some scenes were hilarious. Even as a layman, I enjoyed the movie. It’s more than a documentary. It’s based on true stories. How could real life stories be interesting? Yet it broke the ‘documentaries are boring as hell’ assumption. It was full of humor at the same time taught us a lesson. I didn’t realize how enormous the impact the crisis brought.

Not until I watched the movie. (I know it sounds silly, but what you read on news doesn’t make you feel like you’re part of it. It did in the movie.)

The disappointment in the whole banking system the characters had? I shared it. Because I felt the taste from the show. The reality must had been more tragic, more suffering and more despair. I didn’t know because I was lucky that those people around me weren’t victims. But many were.

So if you ever wonder how the system we made failed we people?

Watch the movie and you’d get insights.

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