Will you risk your life to watch snowing? Hongkongers do

Frost and snow paint the winter with white and romance. A lot of people love them, especially kids and couples. But will you want to watch them so badly that you’re willing to put your life at risk? Well, some Hong Kong people do.

To most of you living in the States or Europe, snowing may happen a lot. As for a subtropical zone resident like me, I’m more used to warm weather than the cold one. It’s only 2℃ in Hong Kong now. Most of the days in winter here aren’t cold, especially when global warming hit us so hard in recent years.

But today is a brand new day. And the temperature dropped to about 3℃ in the city. How about the countryside? It broke the zero!

Lots of people rushed to Tai Mo Shan, which is the highest mountain in Hong Kong. It plummeted to -5 degree, and many of the Hong Kong people who went to the peak wanted to watch snowing badly. But as I just said, we aren’t really familiar with such cold weather. With that said, tons of the chasers went to the top of the peak unprepared. They didn’t expect the power of wind in such a high mountain, nor the things that may come across like being stuck in the mountain or having Hypothermia. The results? They ended up calling ambulance and police. Over a hundred people were injured.

Snowing in Hong Kong does break the record of decades. Such a low temperature even only happened six decades ago.

But is it worth sarcficing your health? What about the ambulance man, fireman or police?

Think about the others when making a decision thay you deem subtle. Surely it’s not.

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