Which is the Best IP Geolocation API?

The estimation or identification of a physical geographic perimeter around an object using internet-connected computer terminals, mobile phone technology, or radar is what we now call geolocation and there’s much it can do. Used in a variety of applications, it’s mostly used to locate human users. The rise of geolocation has been of great interest to marketers and security experts over the last few years.

Geolocation makes use of GPS, RFID, Wi-FI or other cellular data as a location-based service. Pre-programmed actions can be triggered when a mobile device enters or exits the virtual perimeter established around a location.

Uses of IP Geolocation API

When used in geofencing, for example, a mobile user shopping at a random car dealership may receive a push notification from a competing dealership, triggered by the competitor having set up a geofence around the first location. The notification could be an offer of low-percentage financing or a particular discount meant to draw the visitor to dealership.

The possible uses of such technology could be of great benefit to businesses of all sizes everywhere. For many businesses, the data provided by geolocation is crucial to their success.

What is the Best IP Geolocation API?

If you’re looking for a quality IP geolocation API to use for your project or business, there many to choose from. There are several factors to consider like the quality of data provided, the infrastructure used, cost, support, and more.

Let’s take a look at four of the more popular IP geolocation APIs available.

IP Geolocation API by WhoIs XML API

The IP geolocation API from WhoisXML API is a robust application with a lot to offer. With a single IP geolocation address, they provide the country, region/state/province, city, postal code, latitude/longitude, and time zone. They also cover all of the popular programming languages like C#, Java, Javascript, NodeJS, Perl, PHP, PowerShell, Python, and Ruby on Rails. They provide sample code from each language so you can see for yourself how well their IP geolocation API will integrate with your existing system.

When used in conjunction with cross-platform mobile applications, IP geolocation API offers the opportunity for amazing customer experiences to be developed. One really wonderful feature offered by this API is a dynamic content personalization system. An easy-to-use customer experience with all of the data they want can be crafted using this application. It can be tailored for different countries, currencies and more. It also provides opportunities for organizations to use social media-based information with location to offer true context-enriched service and notifications.

The data that WhoIsXML API provides here can serve you in many ways in addition to your objective. The data received from IP geolocation API provides strong insights about your target audience. The study of the information could reveal new opportunities or trends for you in your business that will help you continue to grow and succeed.

The data here can also aid in the detection of potentially hazardous situations and provides a handy lookup tool so you can track down the originating location. It also gives you the option of comparing known client data to potentially fraudulent activity so you can detect a cyber crime situation fast.


  • IP Geolocation API provides up to 1,000 requests per month for free.
  • Their API offers 4,834,112 IP ranges in 249 countries with 216,709 unique locations.
  • WhoIsXML API is also a leading provider of cyber security investigation and analysis services so they understand exactly what is needed for organizations to protect themselves in an age of rising cyber crime. The information and tools offered by IP Geolocation API can not only help you protect your customers but protect your business, and its reputation, from the damage that can be quickly and easily inflicted by cyber thieves.
  • Their API offers a wide array of tools for a variety of situations. With solutions like WHOIS/DNS lookup, email verification system, reverse IP lookup, and more, you end up with so much more than just a simple geolocation system.
  • Paying for solutions from IP Geolocation API couldn’t be easier. With their flexible payment options you can get exactly what you need for a price that fits into your budget nicely. You can select a one-time purchase and select the number of queries you’d like for one price. You can elect to set up a monthly subscription — and the prices are very reasonable. You can also set up a yearly subscription for even greater savings.
  • IP Geolocation API does offer database dumps if needed. Their source data is updated once a month and they can send dump files of 50 MB zipped and containing up to 5M IP range records to you.
  • IP Geolocation API just launched an accurate and comprehensive IP geolocation database. The database is updated weekly and lets users to uncover the city, state, and country visitors are originating from along with 15,000,000 IP blocks and locations with 4,834,112 records. 99.5% of currently used UP addresses are covered her.
IP Geolocation API code In All Major Languages


  • The support provided for IP Geolocation API is very good. The site claims support queries will be addressed within a day but many customers reported hearing from the company on their issues within a short window of time — a real bonus.
  • It offers 1,000 free requests daily but when you consider that it’s a paid service which, with the great services and prices available, looks to be here for the long run so it’s a very slight con.

Pricing for IP Geolocation API by WhoIs XML API


If you’ve ever needed to get your IP address for provisioning new cloud servers but are behind a firewall, or many other similar scenarios, you might think having a public IP address API could be useful. Ipify is that API. Ipify is a highly reliable service and fast. The response times (server side) stay between 1ms and 10ms.

Ipify is a very simple tool with three options. You can directly get your public IP (plain text), you can retrieve it in JSON format, or you can obtain your IP data in JSONP format which is great if you’re a Javascript developers.

Full-funded, Ipify has been running for years at this point and appears to be here to stay. The developers behind the API cover expenses and maintaince.

Ipify is available in a wide range of programming languages including Bash, NGS (Next Generation Shell), Python, Ruby on Rails, Php, Java, Perl, C#, VB.net, NodeJS, Go, Racket, Lisp, Xojo, Scala, Javascript, JQuery, Elixir, nim, Powershell, Lua, PureBasic, LiveCode, Objective-C, and Arduino.

Ipify is free to use with no limit, and according to their own website, “even if you’re doing millions of requests per minute”! No permission is required to use this API for your project and it can used without restriction.


  • Ipify can be used with no limits.
  • Ipify provides a wonderful collections of libraries for your use so you can get your work done quicker and keep your code nice and tidy.
  • Ipify is consistently available and online at all times. The infrastructure used by Ipify is powered using Heroku meaning that even if the server running the API dies, for any reason, the API will still be running for your use.
  • Ipify plays well with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Regardless of the technology you’re currently using, your Ipify experience will be problem free.
  • Ipify is open source.
  • Ipify does not log visitor information ever.
  • Ipify states an intention to stay.


  • Not as user friendly as other choices.
  • No backend dashboard to monitor usage.


GeoPlugin provides a geolocation service so you can find your visitors. It can be used to direct audience members to language-specific pages, provide prices in the currency your visitor uses, can inform you whether or not an action is GDPR compliant per the EU, and much more.

Geoplugin has been around for years providing fast, free, and reliable IP geolocation service for thousands of clients all over the world. Their free geolocation API is available in several programming languages like Javascript, PHP, JSON, XML, ASP, and

CSV in a single API call. There’s no software to install. Regardless of the programming language being utilized, Geoplugin can effectively and simply find your visitors.

The API also provides with each call an updated currency converter which is great for ecommerce sites who may need product price conversion on the fly.

The IP geolocation can be performed with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses using the same request format, detecting the format for you each time.


  • Free to use.
  • Detects IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for you and can use both for requests.


  • Provides a currency converter so prices can be provided for your customers in their own currency type if it differs from the one your company uses.
  • There’s a limit of 120 requests per minute which can greatly slow down your progress when using it for a project. Sites exceeding the 120 requests per minute, or were told that had such a number of requests, have reporting being unable to use the service for periods of time as the service blocks them.
  • During times of high usage, the API can experience data problems or produce error messages.

GEOLite2 Data

The GeoLite2 databases are free-to-use IP location databases. The country and city databases are updated once per month while the GeoLite2 ASN database updates once per week.

When it comes to IP geolocation data, the information provided isn’t exact and they remind users to use accuracy radius if displaying coordinates on a map. On the developer’s page, there are notes about retaining latitude and longitude coordinates returned for a given IP address. The API seems to be in a state of transition or change.


  • Free to use.


  • The developer offers redistribution licenses for their databases to allow inclusion of them in your commercial projects.
  • Support doesn’t appear to be provided.
  • The data offered is available in downloadable database.
  • The data offered is, according to the developer page, not as accurate as MaxMind’s GeoIP2 databases.

In Conclusion

More and more businesses will discover the power of IP geolocation and how it can be used to enhance their business and our everyday lives. With so many possible applications like augmented reality, marketing, security, and more, it’s important to find a data provider that is reliable, provides top-quality, accurate data, and offers strong support when you need it. If you use such data for a project that your business depends on, it’s important to select a company that will be there and won’t disappear in the weeks to come and leave your business in a terrible situation.

We hope the above review will be of assistance to you in selecting a quality IP geolocation API for your business.