My wife and I attended the party, along with around 200 people from industry.

And here we are: now Paul’s article is a destination for people to discredit the story. Because of course.

I see you promote your network as a news aggregator for people in industry:

I notice you also are not highlighting sexual misconduct as a major story:

“If you’ve never heard of us, Inside is a network of newsletters that serve as your personal industry research assistant by providing a smart, concise roundup of the most important news in a topic. We cover dozens of industries from artificial intelligence and augmented reality to beer and cannabis. Below is a year-end letter we shared with our team, our investors, and most importantly, our readers.”

Last year you wrote 5 replies. It’s fascinating that this is your priority. “Yeah, I went to the sex party too but I didn’t see any of the things described in the story”.