Did they specifically campaign during election on removal of the stature?
Sceptical Meerkat

“As for Antifa — I have seen a violent mob, some of them with baseball bats on those videos from events, so yes, I know that Antifa came to promote violence as they do everywhere they go. It is what they do and they don’t even try to hide it.”

And you don’t need any evidence for this.

“As for James Fields — yes, he is a looser, I know. But even loosers, whatever their views, should be allowed to get home safely after attending a lawful political event (even when we disagree with the ideas the event supports).”

But you think that James Fields deserved to be left alone.

As I said, you do not believe in free speech. You believe in respect for Nazis. They are not the same thing.

“Heather Heyer was a victim of Antifa too. She was a “useful idiot”, it is not surprising that a woman with no violent connections died why the masked violence-organising thugs who were next to the car did not. The thugs from Antifa know how to be carefully, it is not the first time they do it, they are physically fit, and if a “useful idiot” dies in the process, the better it is.”

Heather Heyer died for what she believed in.

I don’t expect you to understand why we have these rights.

I expect you to keep lying.

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