Rise Up, Stand Up, Shout, ENOUGH!
Myrlie Evers


The Second Amendment should not be used to erode the First. The NRA call themselves a bulwark against tyranny and all that, unless they want federal help to shut you up when you ask about guns.

This happened in 1996, when they passed the Dickey Amendment which spanked the CDC hard for doing the kinds of research that would help us regulate guns sensibly. They actually wrote a law that punished the people at the CDC for talking about guns, which stifled research for 20 years and still does today. 

The second example, is a bill in Florida, which is named, in true Orwellian fashion, the Firearm Owners Privacy Act (FOPA). It is widely referred to as “Docs vs Glocks”. It makes it illegal for your doctor to ask you about your guns. That’s right, that bastion of Constitutional freedoms, the NRA worked with Pam Bondi (thoughts and prayers!) to make it ILLEGAL for your doctor to see if you have a gun if you suffer from depression. Or to ask if you have a gun that you like to let your baby play with in the car seat while you’re driving. It’s going to appeals this month too! 

The last thing I want to mention is Ted Cruz. He will spend hours at the Senate denouncing “political theater” and calling himself a champion of the Bill of Rights. And he does this while a man who believed him, who owned a gun and used it to defend his home, who shot a man climbing in his window at 5 AM, is facing the death sentence in his home state of Texas.

Standing in DC, pontificating about the Second Amendment while you ignore a man who stands to be executed for believing you, is the definition of political theater.

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