You seem to be trying to get away with a “two wrongs make a right” argument as regards the use of…
Ladd Everitt

“So when Cliven Bundy embraces armed insurrection against government, it’s clearly wrong, because as a white man he enjoys privilege in society. But somehow, if a person of color advocates the same, he/she is somehow right, because they face discrimination in society.”

Excuse me, when did #Blacklivesmatter activists invade and hold hostage any wildlife refuges?

The answer to that question is “never”.

Thank you for making my point for me. You are equating groups that are not the same. Talking about a gun is not the same as shooting a person. Having a gun is not the same as shooting at the FBI.

Your desire to equate black activism with white violence is something you have in common with Fox News. Your desire to equate speech with violence is another thing you have in common. Again, this is opportunistic, it’s racist and it is not progressive. You wish to silence live black activists with black activists gentled by white violence. Martin Luther King can’t tell you to take his name out of your mouth.

I dearly hope you figure this out. Your desire to portray activists as terrorists is not unnoticed. That is a choice you made.