Find Your #Resistance Style With This Quiz!

When you pack for your journey, do you take:
A. The sword of your slain father
B. The blood stained map handed to you by your dying love
C. Nothing but your wits
D. Snacks

Spoiler alert: I didn’t write any more questions!

I read so many pieces about Trump and how to resist and how to stay sane while you resist and how often you can justify talking about massages or buying shirts as acts of resistance and it is all exhausting and it’s pretty clear that we are really not prepared for the years it might take to weather Trump and limit or repair the damage he does to our system.

In my head, I imagine how the resistance wins and it’s like a kludged together montage of every getting pumped up learning to fight montage in the world and I have to start retraining my brain. We show montages instead of months and years of training because people get bored watching work. We see resistance messages and essays illustrated with pictures of Wonder Woman fighting Nazis and I look at them like, she was sculpted out of clay and trained for her whole life to fight and based on the timeline they gave at the beginning of the movie that might have literally been from Thermopylae until Verdun.

So maybe 2,000 years becomes like 10 minutes of film time. They spent more time showing Diana and Steve figuring out where they were going to sleep on the boat than they did showing her learning to kick ass.

So, I don’t have any illusions here. I’ve thought about what my resistance style is, and I am Pippin.

For all its flaws, and they are legion, the Lord of The Rings is one of the few stories that makes fighting evil look fucking hard and harrowing as shit. And the main characters are practically children. Not even royal ones.

And that is how I feel right now. I spend all this time reading about how I need to fight back and #resist with all this aggressive, heroic imagery, combined with daily care tips that feel completely frivolous, but also necessary. My brain doesn’t know what to do with all this urgency but uncertain danger.

Hey there experienced activists! I got bored while you were discussing tactics, so I’ll just be over here rousing the orc army.

Well, I couldn’t sleep so I started tweeting at Trump with your phone…

If superhero iconography speaks to you, that’s ok too. This is not an attempt to attack anyone’s motivation or inspiration: if you identify with Wonder Woman or Captain America or whoever, I’m glad! But those images don’t make me feel empowered, they fill me with self-doubt, knowing that I am not a princess born to wield a sword or a soldier. I am only me.

We need more models of resistance that feel real. I will never be able to compete with the heroes of my imagination, and that is fine. And I am not ashamed to identify with Peregrine Took or Meriadoc Brandybuck. They were not born to lead: they just followed their cousins into danger and refused to leave. Loyalty made them heroes, not royalty. That is how I feel: like I’m terrified and intimidated by the real heroes, but I’m still here even though I don’t know what I’m doing and have we had breakfast yet?

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