Ok, as the other responder (JB) has stated I am not a Democrat.

I don’t think that’s what people mean when they blame the media for Trump. What they mean is that the media, typically described as liberal, carried a lot of water for him. He got a ton of free air during the golly gee phase, before he went full demagogue. At the same time, they needled Hillary about everything. As the serious candidate at the beginning of the race, she could only go down in polls. As the clown candidate, he could only go up.

This is why deciding if the media is liberal or centrist is irrelevant. They oversold her, to the point that they were treating her like she couldn’t lose. And that helped drive cynicism with the left. They weren’t convincing Republicans to vote for Trump. They were convincing the left that her coronation was imminent despite all these “optics”.

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