Hi, I Made Fake News
Zachary Kagan

I have a confession to make: I have also made fake news.

Years ago, I organized an “event” or something. I had invited people to come to the corner of Haight and the Castro, right before Halloween in 2008, dressed as Sarah Palin. I got there to set up and because of my more media savvy activist friends, there was some press coverage. The best part was from a local radio station that wanted to cover it, but didn’t have any staff who could attend or do live coverage. This meant they called me an hour beforehand to ask me all about the crowd who wasn’t there yet.

It was glorious. Of course I told them about all the people who had gathered and how huge the crowd was. Later, we only really got about 10 participants, but like 25 press people.

I still am not sure how I was supposed to handle that. I’m not sure if it ever aired, but it was a great insight to how the media actually functions. In the interest of true transparency, here is the story as it was covered by a weirdo conservative blog:

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