Republicans Are Increasingly Skeptical Of Higher Education. This Is Bad For All Of Us.
Ryan Huber

I wish we would stop taking this hierarchical view of the teams. We’re not ever going to get “the Left” or “the Right” to do anything unless we acknowledge that it doesn’t work like that. These aren’t armies to deploy.

This means that we’re never going to get Antifa to promise not to show up. They’re there because they are passionate believers in antifascism, and they can’t stay away. This is different from the Nazis who seem genuinely surprised when there are real consequences for showing up and acting out in public. And the media doesn’t really seem to grasp any of this.

The Hokoanas have actually been charged now, months after the fact, and that story has no real following. It’s bizarre to watch large entities like the NYT and WaPo fixate on stories about violence now, and this court room drama about a white couple who explicitly went to a protest because they wanted to hurt protesters is completely unnoticed. There is only local coverage.

During Elizabeth Hokoana’s recorded interview she was inconsistent. According to the recording, she told investigators she didn’t remember firing her gun. In the same interview she told detectives when she saw the knife in Dukes’ hand she had to fire her gun to protect her husband. She also claimed she didn’t know she had fired her gun until she got home and saw there was a spent casing stuck inside.
UW investigators say there is no evidence that Dukes had or displayed a knife. Elizabeth Hokoana also admitted to investigators that Dukes had not threatened her or her husband.
Included in the DVDs was the hospital interview with Josh Dukes. Dukes told police he didn’t know who shot him. He also showed reluctance to help police pursue criminal prosecution of the shooter. He told police there are enough people in prison and he would rather see restorative justice.

It’s really disturbing. The press is helping create this narrative that the left is intolerant of speech for exercising speech rights in student protests. The cycle of polarization is partly due to this inability of the mainstream press to treat political organizing as if it is a legitimate use of time and resources. If we never treat student protests as if they were made in good faith, then it makes sense that people will believe that students are protesting because they are throwing a tantrum instead of using the same democratic tools every other social justice movement has relied on.

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