Hi Adam,
Amanda Dunbar

It’s really a fascinating problem. I think it’s pretty obvious that this kind of behavior would be nearly impossible to prevent, prove or police. But not addressing it can’t be the answer. It should not just be accepted that there are spaces unsafe for minorities. It should not be a prerequisite of being online that you have no feelings or expectations for safety or fairness. Because these problems will get a lot worse as technology progresses. The VR experience will get more real because that is what the market is geared to produce. And so these experiences will get more intense and more real. And the real world is very close to adapting more of an augmented reality approach to everything. It won’t be long before we’re going to cafes and stores with implants that allow us to handle or experience goods that are not really in front of us. And then this will be a BIG DEAL. You are not allowed to just grab people at the grocery store, but soon, based on Adam’s response, we’re just going to have to accept that as the cost of existing while female?

Nope. This is much bigger problem than just getting grabbed in a game. Adam’s response is the reason we get grabbed in real life too, and then get treated like whiners when we speak up about it.

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