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“Let’s look at the 9–0 ruling. I am well aware that 6 of the judges wanted to consider if the close relatives of people trying to come to America were in the same reversal as the other 99% of the reversal.”

Then why did you lie about it?

Look, that is a really, really simple question. If you knew what was really true, then why didn’t you write what was true?

“The liberal position on this is that what someone says has an impact on a law not the law itself. This is so absurd it is typical of all your points. A law has to be based on the actual law. How could it possible be based on the statements of he person who wrote it?

This is where the emotionalism of the left leads to anarchy. If every law we have to look at the people who wrote the law and everything they ever said prior then we can imagine that any law could be overturned. It’s beyond stupid. It’s irrational chaos. It’s the end of legitimate government.”

That’s… actually how the Constitution says our system is supposed to work. It’s called Judicial Review. Established in Marbury v Madison.

I am begging you to read something about our history. Every single court case impacts other laws. It’s how we maintain a cohesive system with laws that don’t negate each other. Any law can be overturned. This goes all the way back to 1802.

“The Kkk do not self-identity with republicans. You do realize we killed 320,000 Kkk members and jess sessions himself had killed kkk members. You are insane. You are the racists. Your identity politics is what has created racial hate and the division in America. If anyone has “emboldened white supremacist hillbilly losers” it is liberals who keep saying they are emboldened. Not trump.”

You are a liar.

Trump actually cut funding to fight white supremacist organizing.

This is not a secret.

You just literally have no idea how your government works or what it is doing.

I don’t wish to abdicate my role as an adult living in a democratic republic. My responsibility is to watch my government and observes how it adheres to its own laws.

“The racial divide happened before trump ever appeared on the scene. Dont you realize that? You cause it.”

Ok, John. Definitely. I made the KKK endorse Trump.

I made the GOP let David Duke keep running as a Republican.

But man, you caught me. I’m sure those young, affluent Nazis are going to stop Sieg Heiling for Trump any day now, since I’ve been thwarted in my evil plans.

You’re a hero.

Oh no wait, my Grandfather’s a hero. He actually fought Nazis.

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