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Really, you never heard about Dylann Roof.

How can you be serious?

So, I admit when I say “none” i am taking a trumpian exaggeration. When I say none what I always mean is so few that it is not useful. I have explained this before. When I say there are not white supremacists I realize there are people who believe almost anything including the moon is made out of cheese likely. You will always find these people. They have these people you are documenting in every country in every place. The thing the left has been alleging is that it is huge, that it is growing because of Trump.

So you lied. You didn’t exaggerate, you lied. When you said none you were completely and utterly wrong. There have been many incidents of white supremacist and neo-nazi terror.

And you’re actually right that most of them are not reported on. Most, but not all. The most egregious ones make headlines. And you seem to have ignored every single one.

I don’t believe you are stupid.

You are saying it is more important to be concerned about these 5 incidents of hate crime than concentrating on generating jobs for millions of americans struggling to pay for their own lives, worried about their retirement or their kids college.

No, I certainly never said that. You were the one who wrote a piece called, Let’s Name the White Supremacist Incidents of the Last 5 Years and then you only listed one.

I took you seriously. My reward for doing your research for you is this wall of excuses about why you cannot read the news by yourself:

You are race obsessed. For you and many of your liberal idiots everything is race. Not jobs, not declining longevity which translates into thousands and thousands of unnecessary deaths, the opioid epidemic, the higher suicide rate among middle class men, that 65 million muslims mainly became refugees the highest in history, that 1,000,000 people died in war in the last couple years, that the homicide rate rose 30% under Obama for the last 2 years or that ISIS is in 29 countries and terrorism is up 500% under Obama.
None of that is any concern. What matters is race, race, race. You are obsessed. Let me tell you eve, your identity politics is splitting this country horribly. You have preached hate that is creating the division, not Trump. Last year the white cop death rate tripled. More than 40 white cops more than 2015 were killed in ambushes and other incidents. Those are ALL hate crimes because they were all obviously spun up hatred generated by Obama, Hillary and the identity politics BLM movement to hate cops, white cops specifically.

Really? All “More than 40 white cops more than 2015“ were killed in 2016 because of Obama and identity politics? Really?

There were 41 police officers shot in 2015. Total killed 141.

There were 63 police officers shot in 2016. That was a big year for shootings. I’m from Dallas and I wrote about that incident. But this is not more than 40 more white cops. There were only 146 total officer deaths, even with Dallas.

Would you like to try saying something that’s actually true? There’s no way what you just said is true. There were not 40 more white cops killed in ambushes in 2016 than in 2015. I don’t know what statistic you were trying to express, but the one you gave cannot be right.

In fact, in November of 2016, the same organization I just cited said there had only been 40 officers killed in ambushes since 2014.

In all, there have now been 40 officers shot and killed in ambushes since 2014, said Steve Groeninger, spokesperson for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, which tracks police fatalities.

Instead of attacking me personally, maybe you could try backing up the claims you make. Nobody should be going to the mat for nonsense you made up.

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