This was clearly an attempt by the L.A.
R. Yarsky

This was clearly an attempt by the L.A. councilperson to restrict Sanders’s ability to speak with voters. The article you cite notes mass confusion and misinformation amongst voters and supporters after the venue change.

Speaking as a person who has actually helped organize and participated in large scale events like this, I can tell you it’s not. There is usually mass confusion and misinformation amongst people attending large scale events. That was the case when I went to the women’s march in LA: The official webpage encouraged people to take public transit and I was at the train station for two hours standing on a platform while filled trains came and went as people got on them to loop around instead of waiting in the crowd I was in. No one at the station could even tell us which side to board or if there would be any more trains at all.

One major thing you seem to not want to acknowledge is that this was typical for the Sanders campaign.

This is a positively prescient read today:

There’s clear mention of how the Sanders campaign, especially, was disenfranchised by the primary clusterfuck.

Then quote it. That is what I asked you to do in the first place and instead you cut and pasted half the article. The fact is that Clinton was polling ahead of Sanders the whole time in AZ, implying that cutting polling places hurt her campaign.