George Dienhart

Thank you! I appreciate that you are willing to discuss this with me. I am basing this piece on conversations I have had with conservatives through the years. And I am always hoping to get a more complete idea of what the right wants and how the left and right can find common ground.

You say:

“All I want is an opportunity to make a good wage, safe streets, low taxes and opportunities for my children when they grow up.”

I can agree with this.

“These are simple things, but they are things that don’t seem to be compatible with the way the left governs. H1b visa’s cost me my job. I live in Chicagoland. The streets in the actual City of Chicago are anything but safe. Taxes? Out of control here in Illinois. What do these things have in common? The lefts fingerprints are all over all of them.”

I would first suggest that what you originally asked for may not be a simple thing.

I can understand being angry about visa holders competing for a job you need. I moved from Texas to California with my husband after 9–11. In Texas, he had worked for a startup and owned a house. After 9–11, the entire tech sector crashed, and the telecom heavy industry in our city didn’t recover for nearly a decade. We knew people with PhDs on foodstamps. My parents who had been software engineers and my husband all had to reassess their careers. I supported my husband while he went back to school and earned a law degree. We lived in an upstairs room at his grandparents’ house at this time.

We were enormously lucky that we had resources to rely on while we essentially started new careers. We essentially lost our twenties and would have been homeless if we had not had family to rely on. There simply were no jobs: he couldn’t even get hired to bag groceries unless he lied about his work experience and age. I wound up selling fine jewelry.

So, as you can see, I can empathize with losing your job. But without knowing more about what actually happened to you, I cannot understand how it makes sense to blame the left.

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