Thanks for sharing! I read it, seems like we are going to have to wait for clearer results.
Nick Redmark

Thanks! I am really fascinated with this particular line of thinking this week. We watched In the Mind of Plants with my kids and it was just mindblowing to look at how plants respond and interact with the world, without any kind of architecture like we expect out of animal neurosystems. And weirdly, when they said they had found 11 dimensions within our brains, I immediately thought of string theory, and the crazy number of dimensions it predicts.

My own pet theory is that consciousness is an emergent property of complex systems: any complex system. From an outside perspective, has the internet attained a kind of consciousness? As if we are all tiny neurons in a vast network? He kind of alludes to this in the article, but I wish we would take that idea more seriously. And I find it odd that he is clearly considering human beings as if they are not part of that system: he talks about comparing the number of transistors to the number of synapses, but we are all online with all our synapses, aren’t we?

We think, therefore it is :)

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