The Stunning and Expected End of Gawker

The biggest error Americans make with regard to justice is the belief that innocence is a defense against prosecution. There is never a guarantee that innocence prevails, which is why process matters so much. Right now, I see people attacking Hillary Clinton for having been a lawyer for a rapist, as if some people don’t deserve a competent defense in court. Today, I see a rapist who will serve 3 months when he was caught by witnesses, found guilty by a jury, but the judge decided he shouldn’t be punished like a regular criminal. Today, I see people celebrating because a publication that was kinda trashy and published sex tapes is going under, but The New York Times, that allowed itself to be the mouthpiece for liars in the Pentagon, leading to the greatest boondoggle in the history of our nation, is still regarded as a bastion of great, responsible journalism.

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