Google, HuffPo, Greenpeace & the liberal progressive ‘Resistance’ are lying to you
Nafeez Ahmed

There is a lot here to wrestle with. But I think you are right: what is happening is a huge, collective constriction of our access to reality.

It’s as though the 40s through the 70s saw a peak in human interest in data and the scientific method as a tool for engaging with reality for social good, and since the 70s, we saw a 180. We are continuing this trajectory, though I am not sure I agree that all our systems are as compromised as you say. For example, it seems really significant that Trump is working so hard to pass these reforms. Those are serious and direct power consolidating steps. It’s a very obvious and dramatic escalation of the pattern.

Do you have a set of resources you prefer? Is there a study guide?

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