The entire Democratic Party Leadership must change.
Wil Wheaton

These purity tests are not helping. DWS was sacrificed to appease angry progressives. Instead of satisfying them, it only made them more corrosive. I’m very tired of the constant purity tests in the left wing. If we’re going to be a diverse party we have to actually tolerate a wide base instead of stomping it to death.

If you thinking replacing people is a good idea, I would like to know how that would have helped this year. The major channels showed an empty Trump stage instead of Bernie Sanders’ speech in March. They didn’t do that to benefit Clinton. CNN fired Donna Brazile and kept Corey Lewandowski. That seems like a pretty major detail today.

We need to be honest about those facts. That is not something we can surmount with a circular firing squad. We shed good democrats all the time and then we are surprised when someone like Trump gets elected.

Watching people sharing piece after piece blaming Democrats for not spending more time chasing after white voters feels like a micro-aggression. I was so proud to see my party at the DNC, with proud black and brown people on stage talking about hope and justice. I was proud to think we could pass two milestone presidents in back to back elections. And I was enraged to see the long lines people of color waited in to vote in swing states. Those were people who valued their rights and their future and their local governments had set themselves to extinguishing their power. We cannot allow that to work. And when we fixate on all the white people who didn’t vote for Hillary, we fail all the POC who were prevented from voting. When we start saying that another candidate could have appealed better to white people, we are diminishing the very thing that makes us progressives.

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