Eve, if you can’t tell the difference between someone who is right-of-center and a Nazi you need to…
Lou Lenehan

This is a Nazi.

According to the New York Times, Spencer told the conference crowd of about 200 people (most of whom were young white males) that America belonged to white people, whom he described as “children of the sun.” Thanks to Trump’s victory, white people, who had previously marginalized, according to Spencer, are now “awakening to their own identity.” He slammed Jewish people and proudly quoted Nazi propaganda in the original German language.
As Spencer wrapped up his speech, the crowd joined him in shouting, “Heil Trump! Heil the people! Heil victory!” The salutes are based on Hitler’s salute of “Sieg Heil,” which is German for “Hail victory.”

This is a Nazi invited to speak at universities.

When even Texas A&M protests your speech, you are far beyond a typical conservative speaker. So I will ask again: what speech rights will you defend for regular people, who are not celebrities who already have access to an audience of millions and a think tank?

Is that a hard question?

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