No, actually. Cliven was not in the group that invaded the refuge.
Ladd Everitt

This is further evidence that you equate speech and violence.

No, I am not threatening you. I am telling you that I see how you have decided to exploit white fear. That is the same fear that says officers are justified in shooting men that look like Philando Castile. I presume you want people to read what you have written, right? And what you wrote will influence other people: police officers, journalists, jurors.

They might agree with you, that black people who write hashtags like “weshootback” are too violent to be allowed on the streets. That officers who feel threatened by the color of their skin are justified shooting them.

That’s the argument you make here. This is Cliven Bundy. He has already gotten away with so much more than any of the activists you named in your piece. The comparison you made is profoundly tone deaf and disgusting.

These are the people who showed up in Ferguson to threaten protestors there.

4. “Writing on his blog hours after the standoff, Mike Vanderboegh, an aging government-hating propagandist from Alabama who heads the III Percent Patriots, characterized the standoff in grandiose terms. ‘It is impossible to overstate the importance of the victory won in the desert today,’ he gushed. “The feds were routed — routed. There is no word that applies. Courage is contagious, defiance is contagious, victory is contagious. Yet the war is not over.’”

Your inability to see that difference is really disturbing.

And I will try as hard as I can to point it out. Jason Chaffetz didn’t stick up for Philando Castile.

5. “Ignoring the fact that Bundy and his followers were the ones who drew their weapons, U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) told The Los Angeles Times, ‘You can’t just show up with guns blazing and expect to win the hearts and minds of the public.’ Chaffetz, a firm advocate of those protesting the BLM, concluded, ‘The federals need a little more Andy Griffith and a lot less Rambo.’”

You can be committed to nonviolence without putting the lives of others at risk. And make no mistake: that is what you are doing when you say #blacklivesmatter is just like Cliven Bundy. Too many police officers already feel justified killing unarmed black men while they applaud old white men with guns.

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