Fictional or not, if actually carried out, we all know that such an experiment as he described would yield similar results.
Yes, Martha is imaginary.

This is true and I’m glad you made this point. Because the problem with what he’s saying is that he isn’t running the experiment and neither are you: you both are imagining this scenario.

But for me, this is my life. It can be scary to be constantly approached by men who want your attention. It can be dangerous. The DoJ estimates 40% of female homicide victims are killed by intimate partners. That’s a genuine statistic. Just like the statistics that say men are more likely to approach women than vice versa.

So, to divorce the statistic from the reality is to ignore all the details and context. Yes, people often say women are more likely to be pursued by men. Using that to claim women aren’t also unfairly treated by some men, or hurt by some men is asking me to ignore where it comes from.

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