Medium doesn’t have to pretend to be my friend.

Years and years ago, I went to a protest at Google’s campus. This was before they’d stripped “don’t be evil” out of their identity:

I was interviewed by the news, which was pretty cool because I was super pregnant. I recorded it on our DVR and these are stills from that video:

(content warning: transphobia, surgery, graphic images, ableism )

On July 7th, I celebrated America’s Independence by getting my account locked by Twitter.

I’ve been on Twitter since 2009 and I have never been locked before. The tweet I was locked for is this one:

The tweet says “Does Skylar want a penis?”

I appealed this tweet because I want to understand what the rule here is and a week later I got the results of that appeal. I did not get any more detail about why that tweet qualifies as harassment.

I also can’t go back and see the tweet…

In my last piece, I started with a simple question: “When J.K. Rowling talks about feminism and women’s rights, what does she mean?”

(Don’t worry too much if you can’t see part 1… I hadn’t ever submitted a piece for curation so I it was an experiment. Shocker: no one wants to put a 14 minute read on their front page.)

I wish I could answer it. But I can’t, because the way Rowling talks about feminism makes no sense to me.

There is no right to treat your coworkers poorly because of your beliefs. …

When J.K. Rowling talks about feminism and women’s rights, what does she mean?

That question underpins every schism under feminism. Every wave, every theory, every book about feminism captures the way a woman or a group of women felt about surviving under patriarchy and struggling against its boundaries. But a group is not the whole. And people’s ideas about women’s rights have shifted along with society’s values. The meaning of these words change over time by necessity, as women approach equality, yet still fall short in powerful ways.

I am grateful for my mother, who had me read some feminist…

There was once a man who appeared on our tvs and told us that we were smart and good.

“Each of Star Trek’s five series has its philosophical guardian angels, informing the conflicts both within crew members’ minds and their struggles with the external world. But according to Decker, two schools of thought run through the entire Trek canon, present throughout both ongoing storylines and one-time episodics. …

When I was in art school, I admired another student named Ruth very much. She was a returning student in my metals class, which meant she was older than we were, and I wonder now if that is one reason her work was so much more substantial than mine: she was an adult and she had more to say.

We had to do a cast project. We all made little wax models and sprued them up and learned how to use the terrifying centrifugal casting arm.

Ruth’s project was a tiny house. It was probably the size of the…

Or, how do you know what you think you know?

Perhaps a more intelligent person would have done the reading before she started writing, but here we are. I feel really bad about the fact that I don’t know more about philosophy. If I had known that I was going to be obsessed with the structure and theory of scientific revolutions, I probably would have gone to philosophy school instead of art school.

The thing that makes me laugh is wondering which me would be more unemployable. …

Hey, I made you guys some homework! After I shared the drawing in my last article, I added one more part:

If you could choose one of these pieces of technology, could you? Which one is the most robust? Which one is the most accessible?

Take a minute to think about that before continuing, if you would.

While you consider, I’m going to share something else. I googled “medianaut”, last time, to see if I was the only one saying the word.

I also googled a few more ideas, to see if I could figure out who else was worried…

Once upon a time, I might have been the only person using that word.

It no longer surprises me that I’m not:

I don’t think Karel is using it the way I am though. My word “medianaut” is an attempt to talk about how we experience media today. It’s not like it was when McLuhan wrote “the medium is the message”.

It’s like we blew it up.

This is one of my favorite pieces of media demonstrating how that happened:

I’m using the word “medianaut” to express how human beings exist in media ecologies. …

This is my first attempt at a comic or infographic or whatever the kids are calling it these days. I’m pretty sure that the people who claim to be confused about using the n word are not actually confused.

But on the off chance they are, show them this and let me know if they suddenly grasp how racism works

Eve Moran

A Texan living in California. 2 kids, 2 cats, 4 chickens and a strong suspicion that most people are good.

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