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Blockchain is the part of winning marketing strategy

This article is written by our community member Reese Jones. She spotted important problems and trends in the advertisement market which can be solved with the help of blockchain technology.

With rising budgets for ads and the ever-growing complexity of the advertising landscape, digital marketing has evolved in leaps and bounds. This is all thanks to the technological innovations that have shaped consumer demand, merchant business models, and advertising channels in the past decade.

But experts note that digital marketing may yet again go through another transformation brought about by a ground-breaking technology: blockchain. While most associate distributed ledger technologies with cryptocurrencies and financing instruments, the underlying technology has the potential to transform digital marketing. …

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The worldwide digital factory

The evolution of the web is based on the user role. The scheme is simple: in Web 1.0, users could only view content, in Web 2.0, which includes social networks, users create content.

Web 3.0 is a revolution, and to understand what it is, let’s look at the scheme from the benefit perspective.

In the 1990s, before the forums and social networks, site owners created useful content and attracted an audience. As a result, they began to receive small advertising revenue. The platform model, where the user created the content, allowed not only to increase revenue but also to reduce costs. …

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Trust is the basis of business relationships

Decentralized technologies transforms businesses, just as clouds, ML, Big Data, social networks have recently changed it. You already perform end-to-end analytics of user behaviour, optimize supply chains, reduce costs on hardware and software, integrate your IT systems with customers and contractors. With decentralized technologies, your relationships with customers and partners will become more transparent and mutually beneficial. Cooperation will be a key advantage in the competition.

What was blockchain created for

Trust is the basis of business relationships. The easiest way to maintain trust is to make deception impossible. Blockchain developers create systems in which no one can deceive anyone.

Decentralization. Centralized systems assign an administration as an intermediary. Blockchain systems consist of many nodes that provide the same capabilities to every network participant and do not need an intermediary. …


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