Your curation

Disrupting courage: our love story, scaled.

This is a new series that profiles our story together in becoming familiar to Northern California and one another. On our way home we start feel our hearts even stronger, remembering why new friends have become old friends. On our way home we start to feel strength while excitement for the future takes over. Just ask anyone headed to home plate.

It is your courage I am most excited for.

I love you.

Today I decided to return to Sonoma, a place I’d visited in 2016 with friends.

You know this, because that was around the time when we’d all come to terms with the initial confession of love.

I returned happy and thoughtful. Only recently have I started to soak in wine country scenes as they are: paintings and portraits you have designed, drawing upon our connection, emotion, time, spirit. Artwork you have created, and subsequently curated, and asked me to come view.

Today I was greeted with a sweet sign indicating I was surely at home, surely in the right place.

Of course, years ago I was anxious, angry, bewildered. I’d never have thought we would land in the right place, right time together.

But here we are.

Now today I was set on making part of my experience, and my subsequent note to you, a little about my college roommate bond. Yet my only true reasons for going on these adventures is to make Northern California much more of a home, with you, and to provide you a written part of our story.

And to be honest I was in Sonoma to enjoy those scenes. To cherish the artwork curation.

Part of fitting in will always remind me of my college roommate, a woman who decidedly made her own warmth in my close circle of hometown friends. She was the first person to come in to that circle of friends from my introduction, and its been wonderful to see the subsequent future.

Too, my college roommate and I are in sync more often than not. You know that over 50% (51% +) is usually the sign of the solid match. It’s also an indicator that nothing can permanently remove the bond. My college roommate and I were even in sync right from the start, when we agreed on the rational changes that advocates wanted for our state school’s mascot. A mascot rooted in prejudice and stereotype didn’t need to be, it was hurtful to many, and so change was clearly rational. She and I may not see eye to eye on a whole lot, but the important things take up more weight anyway. And thus, in sync.

She and I used to make one another posters and art and signs and collages and hang them up in one another’s view on the walls.

So that’s the word on my college roommate and part of today’s trip.

Now this is our story, yours and mine.

And she and I have that bond that sometimes sparks a reminder of yourselves. She’s smart, so are you. She was always going to be welcomed into that circle of hometown friends. And so will you. She is great at providing a sweet view in her art creations. And so are you.

Today’s Sonoma view was beautiful, sunny and fresh. Thank you for taking me here.

I ended up at a crossroads and as usual didn’t know which way to go. You know I’m horrible with directions. Oh and quick tangent — some of you have really worked hard to help that go smoother in my life. Your creations for the public have not been lost on me, even if it takes me a little longer to learn. You don’t need the accolades, but I’m impressed, grateful and so delighted at your labor of love in directional technology.

I realized it didn’t matter which way I would go, anywhere in Sonoma was perfectly right. Besides, sometimes it was just fun to go with the flow. I knew I wanted to stop by some ecological sites and I knew you could find me no matter what. So those truths made it all the more peaceful.

Come get lost with me sometime. Or at least throw caution to the wind and don’t plan the day. You can keep your geo-location tech on proudly if you must.

Before anything else, I wanted to honor Sonoma’s environmental legacy. The entire area has worked very hard at sustainability, preservation and ecological restoration. So I headed up one of the Sonoma trails known for this. Though it was closed, I found the entire trail system so clean, so accessible, so organized.

All trails in the Bay Area are this way. You know walking is the best. Thank you again for bringing me up here. What an original work of art.

Now on the trails I know we can find a place to rehydrate, even if you bring a fancy sport bottle. Another sweet bonus of the Northern California outdoors.

So then I headed to Sonoma downtown, a square I’d visited previously. It was perfectly the same yet perfectly new.

I love that about this area: so much that is reliably same, yet several changes to keep things fresh.

I found a beautiful gift for a loved one — actually two beautiful gifts, in this amazing store.

Sonoma and all of the Bay Area are graced with these types of markets: merchandise unique, always on point.

Let’s go shopping together, and if you hate shopping let’s at least make it a point to stop by a fun store on the way to dinner sometime. I love saving money so I’m sure we’ll find a compromise in that previous messy sentence.

Remember the fresh new?

Well here’s a new statue, a girl and her wolf, and in so many ways this resonates with me.

Cool, right?

The park benches were spacious and one had initials “DH” permanently etched. It brought me back to when I first put my picture online, and had read about “DH” on the internet and couldn’t figure out what it stood for. It was in this search I started to realize internet abbreviations mean various things to various people, and for some reason I knew this part of my search history would be known.

I didn’t realize that some behind the search scenes moonlight as sharp and attentive curators.

Anyway, now I just stick to the obvious.

So you’re going to be a Designated Hitter and chill in sync with me? Perfect.

Yep, we’re working on our communication. That’s been the issue for quite some time, hasn’t it? Direct communication versus waiting versus seeing what gives while games and sports continue.

Well, just know I came across two that had their communication in sync. And it was quite the show.

These two literally talked beak to beak. At first I wasn’t sure if they were fighting, but they didn’t display any other aggressive language. It was definitely just talk, and it was their only method of voice. Beak to beak, really fast, really direct, the only time I’ve seen birds with a language all their own. Even the other ducks were eyeing it.

A vivid painting reminding us of all solid matches, even in other creatures. Thank you for hanging it up on my wall.

Listen, sweethearts. I do want that direct communication down sooner rather than later, but be forewarned: if you come face to face with me, mouth to mouth as your method of talking, I won’t be talking.

I’ll be smooching you.

A lot.

And I thought about that smooch as I walked away from the Sonoma square.

Arrowhead Mountain was on the map, so I headed over thinking there would be a walk path or something new. It turns out the road was closed, and for some reason I appreciated this. There’s a lot in wine country that is quietly private, even if it is on a map locator, and I love that.

Just as with celebrity, a public display doesn’t mean one gets the private entrance or details.

I suppose courage is like this too. You have to knock if you want in.

As I made my way through Sonoma, the views and vines were stunning. You know this, you collected it with excitement.

Briefly, a thought entered. I wondered what it would be like to care take or own a vineyard with you. Would you invent some sort of technology that stored grape sample data in a better way? Or bring artificial intelligence to agriculture aspects of the vineyard? Would we be the fun, band-like business partners, or would you want to smooch me and we wouldn’t get any work done?

We’ll probably never know, because I’m working toward better health systems and you’re in your element and it’s fun to be in two different industries and connect. If we’re going to be band-like, though, I’ll take vocals or piano. And if we’re going to smooch…..

Anyway this our story, so we can write whatever love future we want.

I made my way over to a winery that reminded me of my college roommate.

As I mentioned, I’d visited Sonoma in 2016 with my Addison friends. We’re all pretty close. It’s not ordinary for others to come be a regular in a tight circle of friends, no matter the hometown. Of course that tight circle thing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, or snobby characteristic, or movie script cliche. Nor is it good. It just is.

I’ve often privately questioned how the past couple of years with you all has been on that strong, close circle of friends and family. My reflections take me to three primary thoughts. You make media, global celebrity and entertainment (sports, movies and otherwise) fun and exciting, which is a means to bridge bonds. You make technology and computers safe, super fun with games and effective at bringing me to my loved ones when distance would threaten otherwise. You’ve made me happy and I always want to reciprocate, and that basic doesn’t get lost on my loved ones.

So the circle of friends and family is warm and excited for you all.

Why do I tell you this in our story of love?

Because today in Sonoma I was reminded.

Mostly my college roommate and I bonded over music, Captain, the normal stuff. And we were a solid match on morals, kindness toward humanity, all the philosophical late nights.

I’m sure one or two of those talks await with you one day. I’m sure we might not agree on everything, but I’m also sure of the solid match. And 51% rocks.

Just don’t get mouth to mouth in the conversation.

Or do.

It’s our story, I can agree not to smooch and tell.

Here’s a sweet Sonoma spot you and I, or you and I and our solid match friends could chill. Nice way to expand circles, isn’t it?

Oh by the way. Solid, in sync matches often love eccentric timing everywhere.

I found an entrance that reminded me yet again of heavy conversations. And sports almanacs. And timing.

I suppose that’s part of your eclectic curation. I love it.

My college roommate and I both have curls. As vain as it may seem, it’s been important to both of us to embrace that. So today I was kind of bummed that I didn’t embrace it for her on the special trip.

Ready to power smile through a selfie, I turned to a sweet and quiet spot, a painting of stillness. And, I realized that the artwork you just hung complimented the recent collection in poignant juxtapose.

Memories of childhood best friends, moments of inclusivity and acceptance all are represented here. (You’ll understand when I share my stories with you in person. Oh, courage is so wonderful.)

And what a fitting locale, all within the intentional trip for the college roommate in the circle of hometown friends.

So you guessed it. By now, your curation was only bringing one motivation to mind.


Smooches with you, if I’m being honest.

Smooch me even when I regret not being able to celebrate my curls.

For real though, solid matches last. They last through just about anything. That should be expected, given just how above average serendipitous synchronicity is. The over 50% lifelong matches, you know.

So your curation today exposed a lot of the good in my solid matches, and I’m glad we could share them.

I bought a bottle of wine and hoped one day we could share the same brand. Maybe one day with my college roommate. Maybe when talking about changing traditional mascots for stronger connections with humanity. Maybe when determining what vineyard work should be tasked to which partner. Perhaps when deciding how and where the smooches will be delivered.

Sonoma is beautiful, environmentally sound, strong, kind, and brings a sense of wonderful to me in my hometown friends and crosstown classic bonds.

Of course I am excited for close circles to be cool in life and warm with you. I love you, remember.

Oh — and I picked this card up at a Fair Trade shop in Sonoma. It reminded me of all the times we struggle to keep what’s true in our heart hidden, and how beautiful the world can be if we open our whole heart honestly.

That….or maybe it’s just detailing how you’re practicing to be nothing but net when it comes to my smooches.

Here I am smooching to amazingly sweet struggles in which circles of friends can be wonderful to new hearts. And I’m smooching the amazingly sweet way solid matches can always get back to being in sync, no matter how they’ve gotten lost along the way.

I chose a vibrant, representative lipstick, Impassioned Amplified, in case you’ve ventured into metallurgy curation.