Human beings play host to many different creatures. Parasites, in the form of insects, bacteria, amoeba, or viruses, sometimes infect us, and they can harm us or even kill us. But, more often than not, our parasites are of benefit to us, and are even required if we are to live. Nevertheless, they are dependent upon us and, if we die, they die. In addition, if we do something stupid, such as take too much antibiotic medicine or use too many pesticides in the soil in which we grow our food, the bacteria upon which we depend will die. …

IoT connects Things. Every Thing.

The Space Telescope is a Thing. So are the GEOS weather satellites, and so are airplanes, cars, buildings, rooms, air conditioners, security cameras, televisions, DVRs, faucets, and spoons — and if you don’t think that someone will someday invent a “smart” spoon that will be connected to the internet, you don’t know your species very well. It will likely be programmed to detect and report on the temperature of the food that you’re about to put into your mouth, and to cool it off or heat it up in order to make it just the right temperature, according to your…


Six decades ago, my mom named me David. More recently than that, a different woman named me EveningStar. I think it's because I work mostly at night. In IT.

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