joy and all her friends

Some days the wind whispers like a mother’s lullaby
while the sun covers you in a blanket of warmth fresh out of the dryer
and you are filled with delight.

Do not believe that every day is this kind of day.

When the wind throws a tantrum and the rain is sharp 
and confusion, anxiety, and jealousy stop you on the sidewalk to 
steal your umbrella,

let them.

Feel the rain splatter your glasses and drench your denim. Don’t pretend you like it if you don’t. Don’t dance in the rain if you don’t like dancing in the sun.

Take one heavy foot and put it in front of the other.

Or don’t.

You can just stand at the corner of the intersection for awhile. Watch the carousel of cars go around and if you hear them honking at you, listen.

Get home as fast or as slow as you want to.

If anger, frustration, and self pity show up at your door, invite them in. Pour them some tea. Ask why they came to see you. Listen and listen carefully. Ask any other questions you may have for them and wait for their reply. Be attentive.

Then kindly show them out.

Explain to them that joy, patience, understanding, gratitude, and love are coming over later. They visit quite often. In fact, you are thinking of inviting them to live with you.

Show them out the door. Don’t lock it. They will be back again.

But when they do come back,
joy and all her friends will be there too
to help you through.

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