I’m trying out Medium by collecting news and stories about how people are coping with the accelerating rates of change in our economy. I’m won’t be focusing on those of us intend on making the rates accelerate but what some call “ordinary people”. Those who find the race to the future scary and unsettling. People who’ve had the only livelihood they’ve ever known destroyed by disintermediation and automation.

Full disclosure: I think the idea of a Universal Basic Income in any form (negative income tax, direct payments, etc) are flawed because they don’t take into account basic aspects of human nature such as boredom and jealousy.

I’m looking for stories about people who fall backward in time to adopt their great-grandparents lifestyles. People who turn themselves into artisans of the bespoke in the old sense of the words. Or on the more dismal side, people who turn to resentment, violence, and drugs. Others might immerse themselves in a virtual world.