6 Reasons To Sell Event Tickets Online.

There are many advantages when it comes to sell event tickets online. We are in era where more people prefer to buy e-tickets or mobile ticket. With the ease and convenience of online ticketing, you are able to collect more data of your prospects and attract more audience. However, this is difficult to achieve when you sell tickets manually.

If you are in event management industry and are looking for better options to accomplish the event registration process, event hosting websites are the best option for you. Here, we are putting together some reason why it is better to sell event tickets online.

1. It’s cheaper: Online ticking services are usually free or offer service in nominal charges. On the other hand, using traditional method could be picking away at your profits. Online registration process, you can save your transportation costs, services charges including labour cost, employees fees, admin maintenance and raw material. When using e-ticketing services, your event become passive function that won’t require additional input from the host. In this system, tickets are generated and delivered digitally to the recipient’s. It also sends notifications and any updates regarding the events.

2. It saves lot of time: As we all know, it saves a lot of time while purchasing ticket online rather than retail outlet. You don’t need to wait in longer queues for your turn. It also controls illegal activities like selling tickets in black plus. It also provides you prior booking facility.

3. Accessibility: You can access your e-ticket or mobile ticket whenever you would like. In traditional method of buying tickets, there is a risk that it may get lost, stolen or tear. Sometime tickets are not refundable if something happened like that. E-tickets or mobile tickets also provide you money back guaranty or cancellation of ticket at that movement, you don’t need to wait 2 to 3 days for getting back your money.

4. Offer early bird pricing: You can also offer two different types pricing I.e. early bird or regular. You can even use more than one type of early bird pricing to encourage people to buy ticket early in less cost before the prices increases. This sense of urgency will encourage the people to buy ticket sooner.

5. Real time report: Most of the event organisers say that in manual ticketing process they don’t know about the actual attendees especially in last 2 days of registration period. Paper registration form requires manual updates hence, apart from increasing workload event managers have to invest extra time to figure out how much attendees will participate in events. Online registration system will help you to keep the track of records by showing you real-time database. This means that you can get more accurate count of expected attendees.

6. Think green-use less paper: Buying or selling e-ticket or mobile ticket online also reduces carbon footprints usage. By creating slogans related environment conversation and promoting your event as a ”Green Event” is not only good for our environment but also can add the value for your crowd funding websites.

Summary: Online registration process saves a lot of time of consumers and event managers while purchasing ticket online rather than retail outlet. It also saves money in developing manual registration system.

Author-Bio: Eventry.com is an event registration website which provides complete online administration tool for online registration process. This is useful for both Private and public events.