Eventuality Planning: How to Handle Unexpected Event

A lot of effort and time is required to plan any Event, but it can be less daunting and baffled if the event is well planned and executed with proper and early preparations. When it comes to successfully plan an event on the urgent basis or at the last minute scheduling conflict, it becomes really challenging and difficult for the whole Event Registration System to make arrangements in such a less time. Even though, in such cases, it is always best to expect the unexpected.

Initially, there are a lot of things to follow up on; arrangements of meetings to attend, strategies for marketing and sales team, production stats, etc.. There is no time for prioritizing such issues on backlog; they are just prioritized immediately. Sometimes, no matter how well the event is organized and planned, things just go wrong. Therefore, it is always better:

Take in arms the objective that will happen and aim for the unplanned, rather than expecting that unplanned work will not happen.”

Motivate Event managers strongly in order to develop strong eventuality arrangements and plan strategies so that the event will just roll out perfectly according to the outlines made. The most important element in event Planning is the well thought out eventuality plan.

In this post we have thus brought for you some tips and strategies that you can use to improve your eventuality planning for an unexpected event:

Identification and management of risk:

Identify which areas are most vulnerable and strengthen your priorities according to the priorities.

Choosing a Venue:

Various factors are considered while choosing a venue like the capacity of the place where event Is to be held, amenities, availability, storage, fee structure, parking availability, and maintenance.

Staffing the event:

In order to ensure success, staffing requirement should be planned.

Technological errors check:

If your event includes presentations, you should be ready to:

  • Have a tech-savvy person on site who will take care of all required technical issues.
  • If you are looking for a partner that can help you make your entertainment event or presentation a success, have an AV partner, who will assist you in every action or endeavor associated with the event.
  • State-specific formats that are compatible with guest speakers (if you have any).

Confirmation of Attendance:

  • Track the attendance of the participants that are going to attend the event.
  • Ask for confirmation through reminder emails.
  • To avoid the chance of massive drop-outs or no-shows, ask participants to make a financial commitment well before; charge them for tickets.

Food for Event:

This element gives the participants opportunity to communicate or make connections with others during the event.


Choose a better security service, even if the event is ‘invite-only’ or you may opt for a venue with security services.

Establish proper communication:

There should be an effective string of members so that if any crises occur, the team should communicate with one another efficiently and stay updated about the goings-on of the event.

Proper communication helps to raise decision making by minimizing the damage that may occur during the event.

Executing the plans:

Now, as the plans are ready, it’s time to equip the team to execute it. There should be a clear decision making structure to handle any sort of unexpected interruption. The team members should be efficient in decision making at any instance of time.


Advertise your events to ensure you get enough participants to rationalize the investment in your seminar or webinar.

Cross Check or Double Check:

After completion of plans, they should be verified and checked again.

Measure the results:

Measure the results of all of your event marketing efforts.

Events have a great impact on your brand’s popularity and perception. Hence, by proper advertising your presence or companionship, and briefly detailing your event by executing it flawlessly; participants will take along a positive experience with your identity. This will surely boost your business in future with potential clients. One of the best online event registration professionals; Eventry; arranges a lot of events and meetings to collaborate the networks at Sweden. One of their upcoming events is in Huge Town. The event follows the coast around the island with some beautiful runs and magical swims. You may even have the pleasure of seeing seals in the water.