How To Use Social Media Advertising to Sell High-Ticket Events

Over the years, social media has evolved and has become an important tool for marketing or publicity. Similarly, use of digital marketing has also risen and progressed in the years. Digital marketing is a way of promoting a business using online tactics. A number of factors play a crucial role in marketing the organization, social media being one of them. Social media has become a powerful tool for advertising events (physical or online events) as well as for boosting ticket sales. Though there are a number of event hosting websites which provide links to social media pages, but with the following tricks, one can maximize their event’s social media advertising to ensure the high sale of tickets. These creative techniques if followed can lead to event awareness, audience presence and increased sales for an event.

Facebook ads: This feature of the widely used social media applications allow you as an organizer to show your event advertisement to people who have already visited your website. This process is ideally known as retargeting. Advertisers can show their ads to Facebook users who exited the website before buying the ticket. Retargeting is a meaningful strategy which aims at increasing the sales of a ticket.

Highlight video: Videos have the capability to share the right vibe and excitement of a live event. Top-notch visuals with an amazing audio quality can draw people for event registration. However, there are certain things which should be kept in mind before developing a video for your event: the video should be developed keeping in mind the target audience; video should be shared everywhere and; upload original videos to maximize the exposure of your submission.

Adding images in social updates: This can be a powerful tool — showcasing fun photos of the previous event. You can pick a fun picture of your attendees and create a status update. You can tag the people in the picture. This allows the people in the picture to talk positive about your event and also shows the keenness on attending such other event.

Event mentioning on all social media accounts: If you register your event on an event registration system, you can link your social media account from the website. Don’t forget to update the ‘About Us’ section of all your social media accounts. An event hashtag in the bio section is usually an unused tactic but has big gains. After you have a link to your event, update the bio section. People can now click on the link and know more about your event.

Summary: Event hosting is a demanding job. If the number of attendees is less, not only the revenue gets affected but also the reputation of the company gets maligned.

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