An Intro to the Air Show App

The Air Show App

In communities where air shows are present, it is well understood that the event holds a very large impact on the local community.

Along with great family entertainment, the air show provides considerable educational value for people who want to learn more about aviation. Very often, you’ll see kids eager to view the static air displays or interact with informational exhibits.

With that in mind, the features of the air show app are designed to complement such goals. Feel free to view the showcase below to see these features in action:

App Portal

Portal Showcase

The first thing that attendees see on the app is the App Portal. It’s designed to reflect your organization’s brand and intuitively show what your air show app has to offer.



Oftentimes, your organization has a story to tell. Whether it’s the origin of how your air show came to be or the values of the team, the about feature allows you to bring awareness to that story.



Rather than carrying a physical schedule throughout the event, attendees can have easy access to the schedule straight from their phones. Furthermore, if last minute changes are made, the schedule can be updated in real-time to keep your attendees in the know.

Static Display Showcase

Static Showcase

Many people come to air shows to learn more about aviation. With the app, you can showcase the planes featured at the air show as well as in the static displays that you may host. Along with informational links, video links can also be provided to show the planes in action.

Pilot Bios

Pilot Showcase

With pilot bios, your attendees can learn more about the performers at the event and see the story behind each pilot.

Interactive Map

Map Showcase

The interactive map provides intuitive navigation to the venue as well as parking around the area. For out of town visitors, the map can even give directions to local restaurants.

Exhibitor Booths

Interactive booth layout

To help navigate through the venue, an interactive floor plan can be provided for exhibitors or static displays. Attendees can click on points of interest to learn more about a booth and visit it from there.

In Conclusion
The air show app is only useful if it compliments the goals of the organizer and the needs of the attendee. The previous features were all designed to fulfill that purposed, and we hope that it will be a great addition to air shows in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about this case, feel free to comment or reach out to us at or visit us at

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