Connecting Students and Employers

Taking the career fair app to the next level

In the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of working with several colleges to implement designer career fair apps at their events, and in that time, we were able to prove that the career fair app served as a very valuable tool for students.

For instance, with features such as employer listings and filters, we gave students the ability to quickly find and learn about opportunities that suited them.

Employer List and Filter

With interactive maps and filters, we gave students a way to easily navigate the career fair venue as well as find where the right opportunities were.

Interactive Floor Plan and Filter

Essentially, the career fair app serves as a convenient tool that students can use to access and interact with the information of the career fair.

With that said, we asked ourselves how we could further improve upon the career fair app.

Understanding that the goal of the career fair is to connect students and employers, we looked for ways that the app could create more connections between them. It was during this investigation that we realized employers could also greatly benefit from a career fair app.

Like students, why not provide employers with their own career fair app that they can use to access relevant information? This employer facing app can include features such as a schedule for the event:

Employer Schedule

It can also include an interactive map to easily navigate to the right places for the career fair.

Employer Navigation

And of course, it can also host information that employers can view to learn more about your students.

Student Background

These are all features that easily could improve the employer’s experience; however, the real potential of the employer facing app lies in the connections that can be created with the student facing app…

With a student facing and employer facing app in place, students can create profiles that employers in turn can view on their app. Students can include their interests and majors as well as upload a resume. Employers in turn can view these profiles to learn more about your students prior, during, and even after the fair.

Imagine if a non-profit employer could look for students with interest in social work or if a media company could look for students with journalism listed as their major. From there, employers could view the students’ resumes to know more about their achievements all from the convenience of their phone.

Employers and students would both be empowered to make the right connections.

Profile System

If an employer finds a student that they’d like to get in touch with, rather than hoping for a chance to meet at the career fair, the employer can send the student a message and start a chat with them inside the app.

Through the chat employers can reach out to students and invite them to their booths or perhaps if they don’t get a chance to meet, notify students of other opportunities to meet with the recruiters such as coffee chats.

Student and Employer Chat

With these capabilities, a career fair app is now more than just a hub of information. It is now a real time networking tool that extends beyond the career fair.

Employer Portal

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