Splacer: An Interesting Alternative for Meetings

Many organizations hold company meetings in conjunction with a trade show or conference. This is often the case with sales meetings and user group meetings. Generally, but not always, hotels have suitable, if antiseptic, space for this purpose. Now there is an interesting alternative to consider. Aside from their annual conferences, associations frequently have smaller meetings throughout the year. Again, hotel meeting space may serve the purpose — but there is an interesting alternative.

Currently, the alternative to which I refer only is available in two cities, New York and San Francisco, but the list will be growing. This interesting alternative is Splacer — think Airbnb, but for meeting space. This alternative to the typical hotel meeting room is unique in that each venue is different and interesting, often extremely interesting. The process of renting is painless, in that it can be accomplished online. The cost is hourly, ranging from less than $100 to over $1,000 an hour. Splacer’s staff has vetted each space and its owner before it is listed, so you don’t have to trust to luck.

Another nice touch is that Splacer also has a cadre of vendors that can make your life easy, whether you need a caterer, bartenders, a photographer, entertainment — the list goes on.

Visit www.splacer.com for a look at meeting spaces that can make your small event stand out if it will take place in New York or San Francisco. I think you will be impressed.

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