What are the effects of rapidly growing Artificial Intelligence?


In our last article, our event’s topic was “ Can Computers Outperform Humans?”. We mentioned that some AI researchers believe that AI will one day reach human intelligence capabilities, and then independently go beyond that. But why exactly is there a constant fear of the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? What will be the effects of machines getting more and more intelligent and are they really that scary?

First of all we have to explain the current difference between AI and human intelligence. Human Intelligence is made up of years of knowledge and experiences which result in feelings, creativity, persuasion, and strategic thinking. Machines’ current abilities are limited to physical predictive activities that require repetition, as well as analysing massive sums of data in the field of machine learning.

However, it is predicted that 78% of physical repetitive work done by humans can be replaced by existing artificial intelligence technology. It is hard to imagine that a high amount of jobs that have been performed by humans for years will be replaced by machines. Another question is whether there will be a rise in unemployment. Or will people finally have the time, and freedom to do things that matter most to them? Will this technology maybe even create new jobs and new industries? Will bias creators create bias machines?

There are also many ethical issues when it come to AI. The more AI develops, the more concerns we have. Technologies can be made to abuse personal information and data to achieve sales. So where do we draw the line on cybersecurity, and privacy? We, as human are the dominant creature on this planet because of our intelligence. What happens if Machine become more intelligent than us?

The ethics and effects of AI are exactly what will be discussed during this month’s event.

Our second feature event in the Artificial Intelligence series is the Machine Intelligence Summit, held in English on the 14th of July and part of this year’s Tech Open Air Festival.

TOA is a huge festival that will be hosting over 200 events across Berlin in a total of four days, starting on the 11th till the 14th of July 2017. With 20,000 attendees, TOA is more of a platform than a festival, offering many different ways to meet new people and learn about new interesting and trending topics.

“Satellite Events welcome all ideas, and can be anything from workshops, seminars and lectures to VR/AR and art exhibitions to after work drinks, rooftop bbqs or late night parties, our program allows anyone interested to put their own unique stamp on TOA. They allow the Berlin and wider community to take over the festival and transform the city into an interactive hub for multidisciplinary events.”

Researchers, entrepreneurs, and tech experts should not miss this event. This event will also be beneficial to anyone who is interested in how using AI can optimise their company’s processes. It will be a great opportunity to spend the day discussing topics such as Deep Learning and Machine Learning with the most brilliant minds in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

“ The Tech Open Air is mainly directed to the national and international start-up and tech world, linking the disciplines of technology, music, art and science and promoting exchange and cooperation beyond the scene.”

Three main topics will be discussed during the MI Summit: State of Research, Ethics, Risks and Opportunities, and lastly Business Applications. There will be a focus on the question how AI will impact society and what consequences will self-learning algorithms have on both our professional and personal life. Participants will have a better understanding of what is, what will be possible regarding future AI technology, and the benefits of business AI application with examples. Buzzwords will be transformed into hands-on real life examples by the speakers and AI benefits in business application will be illustrated.

The following events among much more will be taking place unde the TOA festival:

  • Will AI change sales forever?
  • Automated Accounting & Network Event @ CANDIS: Learn and see how artificial intelligence and automated accounting will shape the future of companies and how they handle bookkeeping. Furthermore network with people with people in the fintech & startup scene within a laid back (BBQ) atmosphere.
  • Data Science for Organizational Innovation
  • Experience Smart Data and Immersive Imaging at HHI
  • Artificial Intelligence, Beers & BBQ: Designit goes Berlin. Join us for our TOA 2017 Satellite Event. Drop by for an inspiring evening on „Designing AI-driven experiences” and have a chat with our designers, technologists and innovation specialists. We are looking forward to a lively discussion with beers & BBQ.

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By Dana Aldini, PR EventZebra 
and Magdalena Pelka, Founder EventZebra

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