Ideas to share your love story at your wedding

Every couple has a story of “how we met”. Share your story of meeting your spouse, how and who proposed, tiffs that you both overcame and the journey till you stood beside to say “i do” on your wedding day. Tell your story by incorporating personalized details that reflect your journey together with creative ideas through your ceremony, music, decor, food, stationery, and more! Here are a few memorable examples to share your love story to your friends and family.

important relationship milestones ,table side game,dating profiles,vintage slide viewer

If you met on a matchmaking website, display your and your partner‘s dating profiles.

If you’re getting married outdoors, line the path from the entrance to the ceremony with important relationship milestones and dates.

Make a movie of your journey through pictures and funny video clips. Play this video at the reception dinner.

Keep guests occupied by playing humorous tableside game with questions and multiple choice answers such as where we met? what would have been her reaction in this situation?

Create vintage slide viewer with your love story penned on it.

Include important bits of your story with table numbers

love details on oversized poster,then-and-now retrospective portraits,menu based on story

If you’ve been dating for years, show guests how far you’ve come with an entertaining then-and-now retrospective portraits.

Display all of the must-know details of your love on one oversized poster.

Include a chalkboard and tell the guests to write their view about your relation and what they know about your love story.

Design a menu that tells story of how you met, got engaged, till your wedding.

Personalize a cake with each tier telling a different chapter of your love story.

Display pictures of your happy moments on table settings.

Line the aisle with suspended images of wedding couple and notes to describe when and where the pic was taken.

Create a backdrop of your journey images. Wedding couple and guests can take pictures with this backdrop.

table settings,aisle with suspended images of wedding couple,display pictures of couple on table settings,cake with each tier telling a different chapter of your love story

I hope you liked these ideas and will incorporate any of these to share your journey on your wedding day.

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