Bachelor party venues

So as it turns out, your friend is about to walk down the aisle in a couple of days, and your panic mode has just set in because you realize that he won’t be a bachelor any longer. Now what does that call for? Why, a splendid bachelor party, of course! Your friend deserves one last night of pure, unadulterated fun as a bachelor with his best buddies. It’ll be your best wedding gift to him, actually!

A Bachelor Party to Remember

Bachelor party

Before your friend takes the plunge, it is your duty as his friend to throw him a bachelor party that he’ll always remember. You need to start planning for it, the food, the venue, what you’re going to do et cetera, the moment your friends announces his big news. But don’t force your friend to do something he doesn’t want to, take his interests into account while planning for it.

Best Bachelor Party Venues

Best bachelor party venues

What is the first thing that you need to decide upon while planning a bachelor party! The answer would be the venue. These unconventional bachelor party venues should be next in your to-do list-

1) Whiskey Bars

Whiskey bars-bachelor party venue

It is your best friend’s bachelor party! You’re supposed to go all out, not hold anything back. Give him the experience of a lifetime as you take him to a lavish whiskey bar. It’ll be much better than an ordinary bar or pub. You can book a private section, and order as much alcohol as you want. A night of drinking is just want your friend needs to calm his pre-wedding jitters.

2) A Beach House

Beach home-bachelor party venue

If you and your friends are ready to chip in, you can rent a beach house for the weekend. Hotels are expensive and impersonal. At the beach house, it’ll be just you and your friends. Here, you can do whatever you want and spend a couple of days just relaxing by the beach. And let’s not forget, th tan would be a good look for the wedding.

3) A Road Trip

Road trip-bachelor party venue

You do not have to host the bachelor party in the very city you live! Take a break from your daily lives and head somewhere else, the groom is sure to appreciate it. You could take a road trip to a nearby city or a resort in a secluded area in the suburbs.

4) Go for Venues that Have Paintball

Paint ball venue-bachelor party

What could be better and more relaxing than a whole day spent playing paintball? Guys love this game, you know you do! Let the groom win, that’ll make his day. On your way back, you could stop at a bar or a restaurant for lunch. This would truly be a bachelor party he’ll never forget.

Bachelor party venues

There are hundreds options when it comes to bachelor party venues. Call up your friends, and get together to brainstorm about which would be the best venue for the groom, get such venues by logging to and also checkout for venues in New York, venues in Los Angeles to celebrate your moments.


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