The Grand Ballroom for Your Wedding in Philadelphia

wedding events in first district plaza in philadelphia pa

Wedding venue with a grand ballroom for your first dance! That will be a grand wedding affair to think about. In Philadelphia, we have the First District Ballroom Plaza to celebrate your wedding event with an unforgettable memorable experience.

About the First District Ballroom Plaza

The First District Plaza is the embodiment of economic empowerment and determination built by the First Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1991. It is home to a myriad of community service organizations and programs and The Grand Ballroom, a full-service banquet and conference center and is only one of a kind in United States.

The First District Plaza can host different events from conference, meetings, small to large parties and wedding events for exquisite social event experience for the participants.

The Grand Ballroom

grand ballroom in first district plaza

The Grand Ballroom has every unique reason to celebrate a momentous wedding event. The 14,000 total square feet of extraordinary function space can host from small to large wedding gatherings. Your friends, family and acquaintances will have memorable experience celebrating your wedding event and will talk about the party in the years to come.

Your first dance in the wedding will create a picturesque celebration that can be cherished for eternity. The Grand Ballroom understands and implements your dreams about wedding details for you to be stress free and just concentrate on you!

scrumptious meal at grand ballroom for your wedding in philadelphia

With creative multi cuisines from world’s best chefs will keep your taste buds active and ready to bite a scrumptious meal and tasteful delicacies. The guests are unquestionably impressed with the amazing display of recipes and desserts by the neatly dressed chaffers who will serve with affection and on time. Custom designed menu will flatter you with their exquisite taste and aroma, be assured that you and your guests will be pampered for the entire wedding celebrations.

Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding reception in Philadelphia will be an amazing experience for you and your guests with the Grand Ballroom. The vast space can hold an unforgettable first dance experience for you and an unwinding experience for your guests in your celebrations.

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the grand ballroom in first district plaza philadelphia pa


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