Wedding vows for your grand wedding ceremony

Wedding vows are one of the most captured moments of your entire life. Writing your own wedding vows is the best way to exhibit your wedding ceremony. Before you start, ask yourself a couple of questions about your spouse, so that it will help create your opening narrative of why you love the person you are marrying.

Wedding vows

Weddings are always once in a life time event, everyone wants to make it fabulous and romantic. A wedding is absolutely one of the most important days in your life. It’s the moment when you no longer considered being single, and deciding to spend your entire life with another person you love.

Convey them how much they mean to you, how much you love them, and how you will continue to love them until last breath with a romantic wedding vows.

Here are few beautiful wedding vows,

  • I choose you

To be no other than yourself,

Loving what I know of you,

And trusting who will become,

I will appreciate and honour you,

Always and in all ways.

Best wedding vow
  • I take you to be my SOUL MATE,

My affectionate partner,

And my only true love,

I promise to inspire you & encourage you and to love you surely through good and bad times.

I will always be there to LAUGH with you, to drive you up when you are down

And i love you completely, through all of our adventures in life together.

Marriage vows
  • I cannot pledge you a life of sunshine,

I cannot pledge riches, wealth or gold,

I cannot pledge an easy pathway,

That leads away from growing old or change.

But I can assure all my heart devotion,

A smile to throw away your tears of agony,

A love that is ever growing and ever true,

A hand to hold your hand through each tomorrow.

Trendy vows
  • With this ring,

I give you my heart,

I promise from this day onwards

You shall not walk alone,

May my heart be your shelter,

And my arms be your home.

Romantic vows

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