Hard Work is Not Enough

“Hard work pays off eventually”

That statement has been around for centuries, believed by the majority as a logical statement. Working hard has been seen somewhat as a virtuous trait, acknowledged by people as a trait everyone should have. A person that doesn’t work hard is perceived as a lazy bum. People who worked hard are touted to have a future while people who don’t will not have one. That sentiment is what the majority of the public perceives to be true.

Understandable, as working hard has been a norm for successful people over the course of history. What they don’t know is the fact that people evolves, society changes, and public norms are being shifted as we speak. Working hard is good and all, but people began to develop a misconception to what working hard truly means. This misconception creates a certain expectation that things will go well as long as they work hard, the truth is in this modern era it’s not that simple.

In this modern era, what matters is not how much you work, but how efficient you work. Results are what people look at, and people don’t give a damn about how much effort you put into to get that result. What I’m trying to say that large amount of effort might not be effective at all. Working smart instead of working hard is trying to be the new norm for success and it’s true. To give an illustration let’s say there are 2 people A and B. Both got the same result of 100, the difference lies in how much effort they put into the work. Let’s say A give 50 amount of energy, while B give 100 amount of energy. Put yourself in a position of a boss trying to choose a person to be promoted, who would you choose? Most people will choose A instead of B and the reason is simple, A is more effective than B. The disparity in effort given can prove to be the decisive factor in who advances in life and who doesn’t.

Does that mean giving a lot of effort is something wrong? Not exactly. There are some people who still value people who give a lot of effort, and some people who is like that still succeed in life. But their value can’t be compared to people who actually gives less effort but produce the same if not more result. There are some limitation to what your effort can bring, walls that can’t be overcome with effort alone, meaning that there are other values such as creativity and lateral thinking ability that is needed to be successful.

So to all people out there who still think that it will all paid off if you worked hard, you need more than that. Working hard sometimes will just tire you out, making all of it seems not worth it. Though there are still some success from working hard, working smart still produce more successful people. So not saying that working hard is entirely wrong, but the misconception it brings can prove to be fatal. So not “Work Hard, Play Hard” but “Work Smart, Play More”! Try it, it can be a gamechanger