Which other industry is being affected by Uber/Lyft?

Everyone knows that the taxi industry is heavily affected by Uber/Lyft. That’s the only reason I heard that Uber was only in Calgary for a few weeks in Oct 2015 (as a test) then got shut down. Uber and the municipality of Calgary is still working out the kinks.

How about car rental companies? On a recent trip to Phoenix, I spent a few more days in town after the ICON conference. Historically in situations like that, I would have rented a car, this time around, Uber/Lyft/public transit were much more convenient (no more pickup, dropoff, refuel, insurance, parking, parking/violation tickets, driving in an unfamiliar town, to name a few).

Uber/Lyft gives me much more than a ride from A to B, it gives me more time and a peace of mind while saving me money ($5.00 credit for the first 10 trips by Lyft definitely helped=).

How’s your experience with Uber/Lyft while travelling? Please comment below.

K.B. Lee, CEO & Founder @everbamboo

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