My first Medium post.

Ever since I was a child I’ve always had quite the imagination. I remember staring out the window and imagining a skateboarder jumping from rooftop. I would close one eye, stick my finger against the window and draw along the path he was riding.

It wasn’t long before creativity spilling out into all areas of my life. I once choreographed a dance to the song “Follow me” by Uncle Cracker with my little sister. I used to raid my parents office supply closets at their offices because I wanted to have meetings, I wanted to be busy, I wanted to important. I would print business cards with my name on them for three different fake companies per day. I always envisioned something with my logo on it and it brought me such joy. But, only promised joy that I wasn’t allowed to fully feel yet.

Over the next few years I became obsessed with extreme sports ad inevitably, the X games. I remember being terrible at skateboarding, but all I could keep thinking about was that I wanted to be involved in this somehow. I want MY logo on that gold medalists t-shirt. I wanted it to be my company that sponsored the events, not Mountain Dew.

For the longest time I think I misunderstood why I felt this way. Sure, being a professional skateboarder may have been cool for a while, but that’s not why I was inventing companies and printing business cards as a 7 year old. That’s not why I stayed up all night in the 8th grade cutting the word “eleven” out of the back of my one of my hoodies, despite what trouble I was sure to get in, and sewed my “arctic camo” bandana on the inside of it to create the first piece of clothing I ever made. It was a little trashy, but it was mine.

I don’t think I yet understood what a brand really is. I still think the complexity of it all is lost on me at times, but it certainly is a buzzword now more than ever. One thing is certain though, I’m still that kid who fantasizes and imagines owning companies that sponsors professional athletes, throws grand events, and is known and admired by all.

I’m not sure what came over me 4 weeks ago, but it was time. I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of starting my own company. I remembered reading somewhere that in an over saturated market, you need to have a niche. I needed to set myself apart. So, I decided that I would try and do good with this thing that I was going to be pouring so much of myself into. I settled on helping at risk and endangered bear species and habitats. 10% of EVERBEAR profits will be donated to the conservation and preservation for bear habitats and species.

The name EVERBEAR came from the simple idea that I knew I wanted the name to be 2 syllables followed by one syllable. I also enjoy words that carry emotion with them and have dreamy undertones to them. So, I was laying in bed and the first thing that popped in my head was “EVER…BEAR.” I loved it. I loved the way it felt as I was saying it. I loved the way it looked when I wrote it on paper. It got better. I did a quick google search to see if it already existed and the only thing I found was link after link about everbearing strawberries. This is where it gets cool the definition of everbearing is: “continuously producing or bringing forth, as a tree or shrub.” and “bearing more or less continuously” The proceeds of my lifestyle brand are going to support the producing and bringing forth of bear species more or less continuously. EVERBEAR strives to help bear species thrive in their habitats year after year.

When trying to describe what I wanted this brand to look like and represent I found myself having a very difficult time. I decided that I wanted to create something that would encourage people to go outside, run around like the child they once were, and feel the stillness a moment. Even now I struggle for finding the words to describe the emotions I want others to feel: connected and aware of the universe, apologetic and thankful for the beautiful earth we live on, happy and thankful all at the same time.

You know that scene in coming-of-age films where the nerdy guy finally has his moment with the girl he never stood a chance with? It’s usually at a party with so much noise and chaos tainting the environment. But then he kisses her and the background noise slowly fades away as a quite romantic piano fades in. Visually you can still see the party happening and the pandemonium continuing in the background, but centered in your screen is a moment in time and all you hear is the soft music of his emotion.

I want the things that I create to confuse the senses and overwhelm the heart.