Manifestation + Translation = Manifestlation

One of the worst habits you can have is using activity as a means of silencing that annoying inner voice that says some version of “You haven’t done enough!”

I picked up this habit very early in my life and, to be perfectly honest, to this day I still catch myself doing “busy” as a means of silencing this voice and dissipating the feelings of anxiety, nervousness, guilt and agitation that it creates.

So many of the people that I mentor as part of my Ever Better Life Course have fallen into the trap of using their Behavior (What They Do, What They Don’t Do, and How They Do/Don’t Do those things) as a method of/substitute for feeling emotionally okay rather than as conscious tool for achieving specific, measurable outcomes in their physical reality.

Such a person’s Behavior in a given moment, on a given day, and over a given period of time represents a series of unconscious, ad hoc stop gaps to get their inner critic to shut the fuck up rather than consciously engineered conduits for the translation of their non-physical thoughts and desires into their tangible equivalent in the world beyond their mind.

Early in my own awakening process I’ve was amazed (and, I must admit, appalled) to discover the extent to which the things that I did were driven by a need to quiet the incessant inner criticism with which I otherwise plagued myself.

The problem with this strategy, aside from that fact that it’s an incredibly irritating way to go through life, is that very little of what I did was optimally calibrated to the reality in and on which I was operating and therefore got me very little of What I Wanted and a WHOLE LOT of What I Didn’t.

The fact is that you can either use Behavior as a sedative for your inner voice or you can use it to create and acquire the things you desire for yourself and the people you care about.

This issue has come up so often in my work with clients that I’ve given it a name: Activity Addiction.

Your capacity to Behave is your ability to consciously manifest a decision to do something and then to see that decision translated into kinetic energy expressed through your physical body in ways that mold the world beyond your mind in ways that cause it conform more closely to the images you created within it.

This ability is a cosmic miracle of incalculable improbability and a gift immeasurable value, and to waste it on anything other than that which enriches your experience of life is an unqualified tragedy.

These two ways of using Behavior (which is a tool, by the way, though it seems as if hardly anyone is Aware of the fact) accounts for the distinction between “busyness” and “productivity.”

Conventional “wisdom” holds that being productive is good whereas being busy is good.

Of course this begs the question “Good for what?”

Indiscriminately busy Behavior is quite effective for quieting the inner critic (which is a nominalization of the compulsive activity of saying shitty things to yourself inside your head; in extreme cases you’ll hear people actually verbally expressing these criticism to themselves.)

The problem is that it rarely produces much of enduring value in terms of measurable results in our external reality.

Then we look around and survey our nonproductivity and, in supreme comic irony, the same inner critic that motivated us to the suboptimal busywork that produced these nonresults is awakened by the poor harvest yielded by them and we’re left a day older with no peace or productivity to show for it.

The key realization is when you do things in order to feel okay because you’ve done something, the things you do rarely bring the peace or productivity that you seek.

You have to recognize that although Behavior is an essential component of the Manifestlation process, it’s far from the first step.

If you wish to consciously control and direct this process to feel good and create what you want you need to direct your Awareness and attention further upstream and changing cause rather than coping with effect.

Remember: your Behavior is a tool for translating the thoughts and desires you manifest in your mind into their physical equivalent in the world around you.

If you manifest thoughts of self-criticism and contempt, the busy Behavior you engage in as a result will “physicalify” THOSE THOUGHTS in the form of disappointing results which, wait for it…provide fodder for another realm of critical internal dialogue.

This is why I call the 7-Step Manifestlation Map around which my Ever Better Life Course was created to explain the Life Loop™: It’s called the Life Loop because Life Loops!

The key to replacing this pattern is recognizing that Behavior is an external effect with an internal cause.

As my Awareness has expanded, my inner eyes have opened.

This allows you to see clearly that using how much you’ve done, how much you’re doing, or how much you expect to do over a given period of time as a metric by which you evaluate your prospects for accomplishment is misguided and crazymaking.

This represents consciousness meddling and micromanagement of the fundamentally unconscious process of Behavioral translation of immaterial thought into its material counterpart.

Consider that when you fixate on whether THIS (or this…or this…) is the right/best/appropriate thing to be doing, what you’re REALLY DOING is worrying about what you’re doing, which I’m sure you’ll agree is significantly worse than not doing anything at all.

Can you see that you’d be better off doing nothing at all than worrying about whether what you’re doing is right?

There are infinite paths to creating, attracting, and acquiring that which you desire in life.

If you try to simultaneously consciously pinpoint and navigate and evaluate all of the paths you could take you’ll drive yourself crazy, reverse yourself constantly, and retrace your steps so many times, and finally second (and third, and fourth, and fifth) guess yourself to death.

Literally: you’ll micromanage and analyze your Behavior until you die.

Your unconscious mind is the most powerful GPS system in the world. Your conscious mind (the part that you usually mean when you said “I”) has literally one job: continually inputting the coordinates of What You Want so the goal seeking mechanism of your unconscious mind knows where to take you.

Your unconscious mind powers your life experience. All “you” have to do is steer the ship.

It doesn’t work too well when the person who’s supposed to be steering the ship leaves her station to hang off the side of the motor boat and paddle.

In fact, it looks ridiculous. This is how the vast majority of people in the world appear to the Awake Aware (notice the one letter difference.)

The world is full of incompetent mental millionaires with state of the art speedboats who don’t know how much power they’ve got and who have no idea how to use it.

There is no question that creating What You Want in reality is going to require a certain set of Behaviors. Many of these Behaviors will need to occur in a certain order, at certain times, and be repeated a certain number of times.

The bad news is that you don’t know exactly what those Behaviors are. The good news is that you don’t need to.

These days I pay very little attention to what I’m doing at a given moment in time. I hardly ever question my Behavior.

All of my attention and Awareness is directed at monitoring the quality of my Focus, my thoughts, and what I’m doing with my “Mental Money.”

This is the fountainhead of Manifestlation, and this is where the Manifestlation master directs all of her attention.

She strikes the perfect balance between planning and spontaneity.

The Behavior she engages in in a given moment is spontaneous inasmuch as it is not contrived.

Her actions are carefully planned in the sense that she consciously and intentionally bends the power of her mind on that which she desires.

This curation of her consciousness calibrates her unconscious mind in such a way as to guarantee the precise Behaviors at the precise moment they are needed to translate those desires into their physical equivalent.

In this way her physical Behavior is a controlled accident, and this is how even her imperfect Behavior has about it an air of perfection.

The next time you hear your inner critic questioning whether you’re doing enough, remember that this voice is a reminder to change your thinking, NOT your Behavior.

The problem isn’t that you haven’t done enough to silence the voice, the problem is that you’re thinking the voice into existence rather than using the creative power of your mind to think the Dominating Desires of your life into existence.

You’re not a certain number of productive Behaviors from the life you seek, you’re a certain number of resourceful thoughts from it.

A vast world of personal power lies in the subtle distinction between these two perspectives. When would now be a good time for you to discover it?

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