Goodbye, Hello.

I’m both disappointed and not surprised by this news. I have what I think is a 2nd-gen Sense (one of my original ‘pills’ from Kickstarter bit the dust — Hello accidentally sent me an entirely new Sense package, so I sent the original hardware back) and absolutely love it. I use it every night to check the conditions of my bedroom and every morning to wake up (though admittedly I don’t use the data in the app very often). So yes, I truly hope I have some way to continue using my Sense — it’s the only device I know of that tracks temperature, noise, air quality, and light for optimum sleep conditions!

On the other hand, I’m not surprised they struggled as a company. A one-trick pony doesn’t last long in today’s market. Unlike other tracking gadgets I’ve used — FitBit, Withings, etc.- I never had a reason to buy anything else from Sense. It’s too bad they weren’t able to diversify their product line or get purchased by Apple, Google, or another company.

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